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How to Choose Chairs for the Kitchen – 2024 Guide

How to choose chairs for the kitchen? The answer to this question consists of a number of factors: after all, there are simply no “right”, “standard” options.

In this useful guide are listed the key points that you should pay attention to when you are choosing such kitchen furniture. And when you will read this article you can watch here for some stylish chairs.

Model selection

In addition to the usual medium-height kitchen chairs with backs, there are alternative options:

  • stools;
  • high bar models (with and without backs);
  • benches;
  • low models.

If the role of a table in your kitchen is played by a bar counter or kitchen island, bar stools will become a logical choice. By the way, kitchen islands and bar counters now became a very popular decision for the kitchen, and even if you have a small kitchen you can consider this design solution. So you can read this article that can make you think about this gorgeous kitchen component, that can replace a regular table.

If you are designing a Japanese-style space with a lower table, it would be wise to choose the appropriate chairs.

For large families, benches instead of high chairs will become a compact option, and such a choice will be appropriate in Scandinavian spaces, oriental interiors, and boho kitchens.

Style selection

The chosen style of the kitchen interior dictates the style of the kitchen environment, defines furniture silhouettes, and also affects the selection of materials (both frame and upholstery). For example, for a kitchen space in the style of a classic or neoclassic, it is worth choosing options with classic silhouettes. And minimalistic interiors are more suited to laconic models.

Also, consider the style and silhouettes of the rest of the furniture. If the furnishings and the table are already quite spectacular, with a lot of small details in the design, choose more neutral chairs. On the contrary: if a bet is made on simple forms in general, the seats can be a little more expressive.


The question of how to choose the color of the chairs seems simple only at first glance. After all, the capacious wording “to match the color of the interior” includes many aspects.

When deciding what color of chairs to choose for the kitchen, it is worth considering:

  • the general color scheme of the interior;
  • table color;
  • set’s shade
  • the presence of color accents;
  • level of natural and artificial lighting;
  • the contrast of the setting.


The answer to the question of which chairs to choose for the kitchen is unthinkable without the selection of materials for the frame and upholstery. What to consider when deciding:

Interior stylistics

For eco-style, wooden and metal models are suitable, and for high-tech style plastic options will be appropriate. Country style welcomes wicker chairs, and classics rarely recognize anything other than wood. If you are now only deciding about your future kitchen ambiance and style, you can read here more information about this.

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Practical requirements

If the dining room is located quite close to the cooking area will be required easier in care and maintenance materials.

Tip. For families with small children and pets, the best choice would be “anti-vandal” materials – durable and easy to care for.


Leather upholstered stools will last longer than thin textile options. Models made of solid wood will live for more than one year (or even a dozen years), but inexpensive options are low-cost plastic or aluminum, and they are more suitable as a temporary solution.

Additional characteristics

If you have additional requirements for kitchen chairs, be sure to consider them when you are choosing. It could be:

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  • the presence of footboards;
  • the presence of armrests;
  • the possibility of transformation (folding options);
  • compact storage (stackable models);
  • orthopedic properties;
  • adjustable parameters (height and angle of inclination of the backrest, height of the seat and armrests, etc.).


Another parameter with deceptive ease of choice is size. There are no clear standards on this issue, usually models with “medium-size” are called models with a back height of 80-90 cm and a seat height of about 43-45 cm. But, firstly, the difference, even a few centimeters, can be quite significant. And secondly, there are still such important parameters as:

the height of the armrests (if the chair has any);

  • footboard height (if the chair has any);
  • the width of the back, seat, legs;
  • seat depth.
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Be sure to consider these points when choosing. Most often they are determined by individual needs, the parameters of the dining table, and the size of the room.

Compatibility with the table

In continuation of the previous paragraph – of course, when deciding which chairs to choose, it is important to consider the characteristics of the table in the kitchen.


No matter how banal it is, but the kitchen table should be comfortable. So, it’s worth choosing chairs with attention to the height, length, width of the table, the shape of the table’s top, and other features.

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Style, color, materials

It is not necessary to purchase dining furniture as a whole set: seats do not have to exactly repeat the color, style, and materials of the table. But, of course, they should be combined with it.

Tip. An exception to this recommendation is a situation where the obvious difference in color, style, silhouettes of the table and chairs serves specific design ideas, works for contrast.

In small kitchens, an important bonus is the ability to push the chairs under the dining table. For this, it is important to consider:

  • width of seats;
  • underframe configuration;
  • shape and size of the table’s tops;
  • the height of the table’s top relative to the seats and armrests (if the chair has any).
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Individual sensations

One of the most important points is your personal usability. You should feel comfortable as possible sitting at the table on the selected furniture – and this moment is extremely individual. That is why even professional designers advise a simple but extremely effective way to select kitchen chairs: to test them in live (in other words, just sit on the models you like).

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