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Changing Lifestyles: Learn How to Be More Focused

Both students and professionals agree that the ability to concentrate is one of the essential skills. Without it, it is a challenge to hit the targets and achieve success in any field. If you manage to change your mindset, you might improve your focus significantly. Here is one of the numerous studies that prove this fact.

Now, it is time to move to the specific tips on how to develop your focus. Mind that they include both medical and mental therapies. If you’re having trouble concentrating, try following some of them. You might find a suitable method that will help improve your focus.

Break Down Large Goals into Small Steps

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If you have a long-term goal, make several short-term goals necessary to achieve in order to complete the main quest. Set up your priorities – make a list of things that you plan to achieve and move on to hit the target. Think about what really matters to you. Perhaps, you can leave out some objectives that do not seem necessary. This will prevent you from feeling overwhelmed by your tasks. It will also ensure that you’re able to finish your work on time.

For instance, you wish to improve your academic blog’s traffic in a month. To do that, you should create a content plan, optimize the existing posts, and track analytics. You may leave some tasks like proofreading and editing to online tools and special services like You can break down your goals by making weekly targets and listing the tasks you need to accomplish. Aside from setting targets and organizing tasks, create a schedule that you can follow and gather materials you’ll need, so you can meet your goals successfully. For instance, to win a math contest, work in a library gathering the sources, study lesson printouts and textbooks, watch educational videos, etc. Daily and/or weekly goals will assist you with hitting the primary target.

Take Care of Your Working Atmosphere

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It is not a secret that a range of external and internal factors influence our mood. It could be anything: from the weather to some personal conflicts. While it is difficult to control the last one, you can choose a premise with the right work and studies environment. These workplace productivity statistics will be useful.

A lot depends on the room temperature. It should be approximately the same as on the streets during the warm, sunny day. You can go and study outside – it is the best solution if the weather is fine. It helps to feed the brain and make it process higher volumes of information. It may even help refresh your mind since it exposes you to a new environment. If you’re working indoors, make sure your premise is ventilated every hour to breathe enough fresh air. On the whole, a temperature for the working or studying atmosphere has to be a bit higher than the ambient one. No matter whether you study in college, library, or your apartment, it should be roughly 25C. Measure it before you start. But if the temperature can’t be controlled, you can opt to dress more comfortably instead. For instance, if you’re going to study in an air-conditioned space, bring a jacket to keep you warm. Staying comfortable will allow you to concentrate well.

You should also set up the proper lightning in the premise. To stay focused, turn on the blue light instead of other colors. It helps the brain to relax without losing concentration. You may also benefit from implementing the twenty-second rule.

To make your space more conducive to studying, get a floor pillow from a brand like PineTales. A soft floor pillow is perfect for doing activities, such as reading, if you want to take a break from sitting up high on a chair.

Avoid Multitasking

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The biggest problem of many students is doing several things at the same time. Usually, it results in nothing. The reliable sources prove that you can lose almost forty percent of productivity when you multitask. The brain gets overloaded when several activities of different types are involved. For example, it is hard to imagine a focused student when they jump from history research paper to biology case study and math problems. These subjects are different by nature, so they cannot and should not coincide. So, if you want to get things done efficiently, it will be better to focus on one task at a time and avoid any distractions. In case you have difficulty focusing, you can listen to music while working.

In fact, some students turn on music while writing essays or doing some readings. If it is classical music or any sort of relaxing one without lyrics, it’s fine. Scientists recommend excluding pop, rap, r’n’b, and rock/metal tracks when trying to focus on studying or work. Make sure that one activity does not prevent you from another one (and they do not coincide). There are times when you have to do at least two tasks altogether as they are interrelated. The great example is an assignment, for which you have to do some readings and put down citations or references.

Train Your Mindfulness

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40 minutes are all you need to rest and meditate to get more energy on a daily basis. Meditating can help clear your mind, especially when you’ve been under stress. You can meditate as a part of your yoga exercises or separately. Many videos exist with corresponding music and instructions on how to clear your mind. Both image and sound should fit the atmosphere perfectly. It can be anything related to nature, accompanied by the beautiful instrumental music. The tracks should be positive. Sounds of nature are an excellent option as well.

Choose a place where you can have a peace of mind: your backyard or nearest park. Do not bring your gadgets with you. To concentrate, you will have to forget about social networks and games at least for half an hour. Feel how good it is to spend time with yourself and leave the troubles behind. It’s possible to find solutions to various issues, including those that seemed the most terrifying.

Control Eating Habits

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Healthy, well-balanced meals are way better than pizza, hamburgers, or ice cream. Sure, a youngster should not consume only veggie food as our brain needs all vitamins. However, it is better to leave junkie food to some parties and eat soups, salads, meat, and vegetables at least once per day. Experts recommend avoiding diets unless you have serious issues with metabolism and some specific disorders. Never skip breakfast! Having some eggs would be just fine – protein is what we all need to increase daily productivity. To be learning-ready at any time, a student should bring some snacks like bananas. Avoid working or studying when you’re hungry since you’ll have difficulty concentrating. Hence, you should eat a hearty meal before taking care of tasks.

Come Up with a Challenge

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Finally, to stay motivated and forget what boredom is, one has to set up challenging goals. It can be something that you’ve never done before, like learning Spanish in one year or attending a swimming pool at least two times per week. You might even start studying investments to be more financially literate and know how to obtain additional income sources. It is never too early to become a successful entrepreneur.


Life is full of opportunities for young adolescents, and you should never stop opening new horizons! These tips are all easy to implement. Start doing it all today to see the results tomorrow. You will see how your focus and entire lifestyle improve fast!

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