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How to Stay Focused While Writing a College Essay – 2024 Guide

We live in a world where focusing has become an abstract noun simply because we are surrounded by so many attention spammers from the moment we open our eyes in the morning. Unfortunately, mentors seldom show understanding when the time for submitting your work comes, you need to concentrate on doing certain tasks appropriately in order to achieve something important for your future. That is when the focus becomes a crucial asset and failing to get it entails numerous consequences. Therefore, read the following lines and learn how to stay focused writing while writing a college essay.

Choose a Setting

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Different students prefer different things, so it is the case when staying focused while you write a college essay is in question. Therefore, what you need to do is find out what suits your personality type the best. While certain students show the best results while they write on their own, others show increased proficiency while they work in a group or with a pair. What you should do is either try different settings or recognize which pattern fits you the most from previous experience.

Both joint and individual work have their advantages and disadvantages. You might either get stimulated by working alongside others or they will only distract you from your goal. Once you get to know what type of environment enables you to deliver more quality work you can easily manipulate yourself into a setting that enables you to concentrate and stay focused until the work is done.

Get Some Sleep

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Considering how much progress has the world as a whole achieved in recent times it comes as no wonder that things around us are moving at a much faster rate than we are accustomed to as living beings. For that reason and because we try to attend more events than we are actually designed to we often forget to sleep sufficiently.

While a young person deliberately chooses to sacrifice a few hours of sleep to cover multiple segments of both social and college life they fail to notice the aftereffects until it is too late. Surely, the lack of focus is one of them, but fortunately, things can get better in no time. Actually, in a few hours of sleep more on a daily basis. Your social life could suffer but your focus will be restored.

Turn off Your Phone

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Mobile devices are considered a necessity nowadays but no matter how many positive features they have bestowed us with there are still side effects no one dares to talk about loudly. Even if they admit the issue about mobile phones being attention spammers a vast majority denies they could be experiencing this problem.

Well, the truth is that you are affected up to a certain extent whether you like it or not, and if something will help you reach and maintain your focus on the desired level it is the lack of your phone while you write your college essays. On the other hand, some people use their phones for reasons other than for fun and cannot afford to put their gadgets into silent mode. Although there are other ways to get into the zone and remain focused sometimes you just need an extra hand to deal with accumulated college obligations, thus click here to learn how to fix the issues regarding college essays in a moderate way.

Forget About Social Networks

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If there was a chart showing the top of the tops attention spammers affecting the global population then social media would be rated the highest leaving the competition far behind. It does not matter what social network or even social networks you might be using since they are designed similarly, and that is to stimulate your brain to constantly excrete small doses of dopamine by relatively new content and seemingly interesting publications of your friends and family.

You are not free from it even when you are not using the social network apps since they are constantly sending notifications about random topics, not of crucial importance. When you have this type of distraction to draw your attention constantly, you can forget about concentrating on anything other than videos of funny animals, and that is what will keep you far away from finishing your writing tasks on time.

Eat Healthy and Regularly

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If you think you are doing everything correctly but you still fail to focus on your writing tasks, you should consider what type of food you are consuming and whether certain changes can help you process information more fluently. Namely, apart from you should eat at least three times a day you should drink enough water to enable your body and mind to function regularly. When your diet is in question you should avoid fast-food restaurants and snacks.

Moreover, you should enrich your diet with so-called brain foods. Try to include fatty fish in your diet since it is rich in omega-3-fatty acids that are one of the major building blocks of your brain. If you feel like having a snack, think of various nuts and blueberries as a valid replacement that will give you the right fuel for your mind. Another natural stimulant that can be consumed to increase your focus is coffee, but you should be aware that you need to drink enough fluids if you drink excessive amounts of caffeinated beverages because apart from it makes your brain work faster it is also a natural diuretic.

Hopefully, the aforementioned pieces of advice will help you remain focused for longer periods and finish your college writing tasks in time. The first thing you should worry about is that you know what you should write about and with the implementation of suggestions from the rows above you will raise your concentration to an enviable level. Surely, making sacrifices and certain changes in your everyday life might be difficult, but what you should realize is that sometimes the goal justifies the means, especially if the means improve the quality of your life for the better.

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