4 Tips for Designing Your Dream Timber Frame Home – 2024 Guide

Planning to build your dream timber frame home? You need to do a lot now. The first thing that you need to do is to plan. Consult a professional, meet with timber dealers and builders and do market research. If you want to get the best deal with quality work, you have to do some effort.

Why timber frame?


Timber frame construction is quite popular because of the durability and design that it offers. Therefore, it is also known as one of the popular building options. It offers energy efficiency, speed and also flexibility. Furthermore, the design element makes the home looks much better.

So if you have finally made the decision and want to know the designs, is the best option for you. They have been in this business for almost 30 years now. Therefore, you will get both professionalism and experience. Experience is what matters a lot in this business because the builder should be aware of the risks. Only then he will be able to give you the best plan.

Therefore, if you want to get a floor plan Hamill Creek Timber Homes is the right option. Whether you want to get structural integrity or enduring style or you want an efficient floor plan, they will do. Likewise, if you have any architectural interest or you want to add some amenities, you can talk to them about it. Tell them your requirements and conditions and they will prepare the plan accordingly. Thus, you will get the joy of homeownership with the style of your choice.

But you need to know about certain factors before you let them know. So do ponder over these things and get the plan of your choice.

1. Pay attention to your lifestyle


Everyone has a certain lifestyle and they need a home that fits their requirements. Irrespective of the land area and size, the builder can adjust your needs. Therefore, you should always tell them what you want in your home.

For example, if you are a writer or loves reading books, you will need a study room. Study rooms have a certain design and area so that they can accommodate comfortable and spacious seating and books. So if you tell the builder that you want a study room on the ground or first floor, he will make the plan accordingly. Thus, instead of fitting everything on the first floor, you can enjoy a multistory building with all of your favorite features.

Likewise, if you love cooking and spend most of your time in the kitchen, you will need a spacious kitchen. And if you often have parties, it is better to have a large living room. Or you can get an art studio to do your recreational work. All of your favorite places should be adjusted to prevent any rush in one space. Therefore, it is vital to tell your lifestyle to the planner so that he can create something that you will like.

2. A flowing plan


If you do not have a specific interest or requirement, you should choose the flow plan. According to this design, everything will move with the flow. An advantage of timber frame homes is that they have open floor space. So you can adjust everything accordingly.

According to the flowing plan, you won’t have walls between the rooms (not the bedrooms of course). On the ground floor, you will have a kitchen, dining space and a living room. But all three of them won’t have a wall to separate them from each other. There will only be beams and wooden pols to support the structure. This flow plan will make your home look spacious and open. However, if you use walls, they will make every space congested and you won’t be able to gather a lot of people then.

3. Make use of natural light


While designing your dream house, you would definitely look for artistic design plans. But you should not forget that using glass windows can be of great use. Large glass windows are one of the basic elements for timber frame homes. Therefore, you should also embrace natural light.

Furthermore, people love natural light. So if you prefer dark and gloomy rooms, you can still use glass windows. You must be asking why you should go for them when you do not want much natural light. The answer is rather simple. Although you do not like light that much but you will need it often. During the daytime when you want to work or you are cleaning your home or you have guests over, these windows will be of great use.

Furthermore, you can save your energy bills by depending on the natural light. And on hot summer days, you can open the windows to get clean fresh air. Likewise, during cold winters, the sunlight can come directly through them and warm up your space.

And if you want to have some darkness in the room, you can simply use curtains. There is nothing stopping you from doing that. Usually, for French and large glass windows, you have to use double-layer curtains. One is a lighter and thin fabric while the other one is darker and relatively thick. You can use them according to your mood and need.

4. Keep future use in mind


Of course, you need to pay attention to your lifestyle and get the floor plan accordingly, but you cannot ignore your future use. Timber homes last for many years and therefore, your next generations will use them too. And if you are building your timber house, there must be a reason for it.

For example, you have your family, your wife and children. In the future, they will use the house. Therefore, do not make such a thing that won’t be of any use in the future. Do think of your needs but do not get the design according to your immediate needs.

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