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Top Sites Where You Get Paid to Do Student’s Homework – 2024 Guide

Let us take you back to the times when you were younger and loathed doing your homework. Owing to the internet, let us say that you might hate your homework a little less now. You know why is that? It is because today, on the internet, you can pay someone and get your homework done from the comfort of your house. Now, it is a tremendous opportunity for teachers and writers. If you think you have the brains for it, you should give it a try. Let us get started and look at a few online platforms where you register and become a homework expert.

TFTH – Thanks for The Help

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Also known as The Help Platform, TFTH is one of the leading platforms that the students head to when they need assignment help online. However, they have a strict hiring criterion. So, you should be outstanding, skilled, experienced, and academically strong to be associated with them. They have a global student base and helps students from across the world. Through their platform, students order for assignment help in different disciplines, such as English, Literature, Nursing, History, etc. You can check out their long list of subjects, and if you think you are any good in any one of them, stop thinking so hard, and associate with them.


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OneClass is another platform where you can associate as a homework help provider. These guys pay you not only to help students with their homework, but also  pay you for sharing your notes with the several university students who may be taking the same course as you. For instance, if you take up screenwriting online courses and have some notes prepared by you to share with the students, the platform will pay you for presenting these notes. With every approved document, you will earn 25 credits. However, if you are an elite notetaker, you might bag yourself 75 points. These are redeemable points, which you can use at prominent platforms like Domino’s, Starbucks, or Amazon. You can redeem them for cash.


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Several thousands of students around the world look for ‘do my homework’ services. One of the most rewarding student help platforms is EduWorldUSA. They have been in the running for a while, and are today North America’s one of the most reliable ‘do my homework’ service providers. They are known for their timelines, top-quality assignments with zero plagiarism, and perfect plagiarism. Of course, the criteria is tough to match, but if you think you can do it, you can send your details, and who knows, you might just be associated with North America’s leading homework help providers. However, bear in mind, you need to be both academically strong and must hold experience in dealing with students. It is for the reason that they work in the interests of the students. Thus, they try to hire nothing short of best to offer homework help to the students who trust them.


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FineGrades is not really a homework help provider, but it is a platform where students head to when they are looking for some online courses on the subjects, such as math, accounting, computer science, economics, finance, etc. So, if you think you have the skill to teach students any of these disciplines online, you can associate with the platform and make good money. You must know that every teacher who gets on board with them is only hired after a stringent screening process. One simple trick to get employed by them is to have a real understanding of your subject. The experts at FineGrades who handle the hiring are brilliant. They know how good you are or how well you pretend. So, work on your craft, and you are certainly going to get on-board with them. They never miss out on real talent. You can record a demo session on any subject you are good at, pick up any concept, and mail it to them. Who knows, you might be a part of their esteemed team?


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Another one of the most top-rated online assignment help providers is TAE or TopAssignmentExperts. They are known for offering students with superior quality assignments at the best prices. Their company is an esteemed academic assignment provider. On their platform, many experts have come together to help university and college students with their homework and assignments. Collectively they have over 500 years of experience in a diverse range of subjects from nursing, law, accounting, programming, statistics, economics, management, finance, etc. Given their esteemed legacy, they will never want to settle for someone who is not as qualified or as educated as their other experts. It is for this reason why with TAE, you might experience one of the strictest screening processes. But be assured, if you have a thorough knowledge of your subject, there is no stopping for you. So, contact them, send them your CV, and get ready to be associated with the best.

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It is a 100% online tutoring platform with a network of some of the prolific and certified teachers, professors, professionals, and students with Master’s Degrees, Ivy League credentials, and PHDs. They are all trained in their chosen field. So, if you think you match their criteria, you have no reason to wait. However, before you apply with them, please know that you need to be eligible to work in Canada or the United States to associate with them. It would be best if you either were a college sophomore or higher. Further, you must possess a degree from an accredited Canadian or US university to associate with them.

These are some of the notable platforms that the students reach out to when they need online assignment help. Check out their websites, and who knows, you might land yourself a well-paying and highly satiating job.

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