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How to Simplify a Video Editing Process in 7 Easy Steps – 2024 Guide

Once you managed to shot the video, the grueling task of editing it begins. It’s a daunting challenge even for people who edited videos before and have gained a certain experience that they can rely on, let alone the beginners. Video editing software is becoming more and more complicated adding numerous features confusing users even further. As with every job that requires attention to detail, long hours (shooting and editing), and uninterrupted focus, making a plan before getting down to business might be a lifesaver. So, here are some steps you can take to make the video edition a joyful and fun experience.

Editing software

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Oftentimes when someone shares a video on social media, one of the first questions naturally comes up about the software used to edit the video. Everyone who ever shot a video knows how important after-production is to have high-quality video as the end product. There are so many available that an average video maker wouldn’t know where to start. They are all good, some are better, but it all comes down to whether or not the software is the one that will satisfy your needs.

Every video editing software is equipped with features like trimming and joining clips, convert file formats, rotate, crop, adjusting brightness and colors, and lot more detailed image manipulations. With software like you can quickly and easily create tutorials, presentations, record computer screens, or a webcam. User-friendly tools will make your video editing a breeze allowing you to add effects like captions, banners, and overlays to create a unique experience for your audience.

Always keep users in mind

Another important matter is to keep in mind your audience and their desires. For example, if shooting a tutorial, that’s obviously going to be a longer video where you’ll need to go the details regarding the subject. Using a detailed and easy to use the software is a must since you’re going to build your audience slowly and steadily, meaning that every video must be perfected visually and audibly. The only way to achieve this is to use computer-based software instead of apps, or phone built-in effects.

However, if you’re recording the video for social media purposes, it’s better if you kept the videos short. Social media community usually don’t have the time to watch an hour-long video, but instead prefers several minutes of highly entertaining and light content. However, your video can still be high-quality if you choose a software that can be installed on your phone, or just use a video editing app. Quick and powerful videos that are carrying short and strong messages are bound to attract a lot of people.

Transferring the videos

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The first step towards the perfect video is transferring the files. Depending on the equipment which you’re shooting with, you can transfer files from your SD card, by attaching your phone with your computer, or some pre-installed app. To have a better insight where all your footage is, create separate folders that will keep you organized. Every raw video should have a special folder along with the matching music and images. Only then you should drag-and-drop the folders into your software for editing assigning them a specific location. Do not delete or move your files until you’re done editing.

Analyze your footage

Go through your videos marking good takes. Scroll through your video with a critical eye, and choose the best ones. The quality of your video will depend on this, so pay attention to details as much as you can. Skip any unnatural facial expressions, distractions in the background, blurry clips, and shaky patches. If you have a person talking in the video, or a dialogue, ensure that the conversation is engaging, vibrant, and energetic. Bland, flat voices are unlikely to be interesting and inviting, so the merciless audience is probably going to change the channel fast. Landscaping and environmental shots should have some rhythm and vibe to them while capturing the focus. In short, scrub down the footage to eliminate any mishaps and boring content.

The head and tail

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Trim the head and tail of every video clip separately. This will prevent any preparations and uncomfortable silences to be visible in the final product. It will add to the quality of the footage without wasting the time of your viewers. Clipping the head will eliminate the moments before you start rolling like checking your hair, and surroundings. By removing the tail of every clip you’ll cut out the weird silence at the end when you’re still looking at the camera without anything else to say regarding the subject. So, trimming will make your video look more dynamic and interesting to the users.

Adding music, clips, and caption

Once you have video clips in the order you intended them to roll, its time to add some bells and whistles. Quiet, background music is often played while the main person is talking or having a conversation. The right choice of music can emphasize the emotion of your words and help announce or point out certain parts. Still, you have to be careful not to violate the publishing rights in case you’re using some popular songs. This can get you in a world of trouble unnecessarily since there is plenty of royalty-free music on the internet to choose from.

B-roll, or a supporting roll of film, is the alternative footage that usually interacts with the final cut. For example, if you’re shooting a cooking video clip, you’ll want to integrate images of the ingredients, brands you’re using captioning additional information. This will all come from the secondary, back-up roll. So, intertwining the two to complement each other will give the audience an amazing experience.

Sharing your video

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Video editing is a time-consuming and potentially tedious task. After many hours watching the same clips over and over again, you are bound to get tired. If you’re not sure of how to edit, or suddenly your video is not making any sense to you, step away from the project and return later. Take a day or two if you need it, and approach it again with fresh eyes.

Before releasing your video, ask a couple of close friends or family members to take a look and send you feedback. People who love you, and whom you can trust can be a small test of how your video will be seen by the general public. Once you’ve made all the alterations, publish it for the rest of the world to see.

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