The importance of videos in modern marketing

If you own a business and still don’t know which digital channel to pay attention to, I say: now is the time to bet on audiovisual content. More and more people have consumed video content on the internet, 62% of searches done on Google include video search.

We have a cultural tendency to give more preference to visual content than large text blocks. Our brain processes information in a visual format up to 60,000 times faster than words.

TV channels already understand the power of this movement. Some paid channels and even open channels – which offer exclusive content or emulate channels distributed by TV on online platforms – are examples of what this video revolution can do.

Netflix already has more customers than the two largest cable TVs in the US. What we can realize with all the growth of this niche content is that users don’t want to have 200 channels available, they want to pay and watching is only what really matters.

In that case, it is very important for your business strategy to devote a little of your time to writing scripts for your videos. Of course, don’t just turn on the camera and talk. On my blog, which will soon air, I will provide more tips on how to make good video scripts, something needed to ensure the views and traffic to your site.



On Facebook there are around 100 million hours of video watched every day. YouTube users watch more than 3 billion hours of video every month. Snapchat, users consume “only” 10 billion videos per day.

In fact, Zuckerberg is right about several functions that fix Snap problems, such as not being able to return to stories, to tag friends, etc. It is good to remember that Instagram Stories are ‘integration’ into actions from the grid, such as showing production behind the scenes of photos that are not officially displayed.


In January this year, metrics related to advertising came into effect. Metrics in a business profile will include coverage, impressions, and responses. Full-screen advertisements in Stories will be tested with certain brands. Skol topped this list. The idea is that all the segmentation, shipments and measurements that people have accessed on Facebook and Instagram are available for Stories.

Airbnb, AT & T, BuzzFeed, Coca-Cola, General Motors, L’Oréal, McDonald’s, and Nike are among more than 30 companies that will test the service in the United States. Ads that are more than 15 seconds will be displayed among stories posted in the Story tool, with full pages and sounds activated automatically.



We are social. In our world, there are more than 3 billion internet users, which account for around 50% of the world’s population. Of these, 37% are active on social networks, with more than 2 billion people using cellular networks (34%). Most young people between the ages of 18 and 34 only spend 18% of their time watching live broadcasts and cable television. They migrate to digital devices, which maintain around 61% of the attention of this audience.

If you are still unsure

This is the ideal time to build a video-based business. For your business to appear, to be seen, using audiovisual features is a good strategy. Just to find out the word “video” in the e-mail title is more likely to be opened. Plus, having an animated explainer video such as on your digital platform for your business makes it easy to rank your site or blog on Google’s first search page, so your chances of reaching the top position increase by 50 times!

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