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It probably has been your dream to tour Venice for quite some time, and you actually have good reason to. Venice is actually regarded to be the most beautiful when it comes to the world’s cities. If you are contemplating visiting Venice, now may actually be the right time. You can find a private tour and local guide to take you through everything that Withlocals has to offer you.

The Urban fabric of Venice is actually characterized by narrow streets as well as alleys. Observe and take in the slow but friendly pace that this city brings. This is not a city that is known for cars. There is absolutely nothing to hurry about in Venice. Large groups do not thrive in Venice as this city is cut out for small parties, which include yourself and loved ones.

Do not forget to tag along with a local guide to help you explore the very best of experiences which include famous landmarks, hidden places that can only be discovered with the help of locals, attractive parts of Venice, and those favorite spots you’ve always heard of. There are not many cities in the world that compares to the beauty and charm of Venice. This is a historic city with beautiful sites such that it can be hard to decide how you want to begin your exploration. 

Grand Canal


This is actually the main boulevard of Venice as it is characterized by water. You can get on taxi boats, waterbuses, or even make use of the very famous gondola. Make your way past buildings which have a history and line the banks. 

Saint Mark’s Basilica


If Venice has a crown,Saint Mark’s Basilica can be said to be its jewel. It has domes with different levels as well as very amazing mosaics. You will also see intricate facades. This is one absolutely marvelous piece of architecture.

Doge’s Palace


Visit this palace and testify to its magnificent marble exterior. The treasures which it contains include buffs of history as well as classical art aficionados designed to keep you riveted. 

Bridge of Sighs


One thing that you must do as you ride a gondola is to ensure that you make your way past the Bridge of Sighs. Also, ensure that your loved one is with you at this moment. It is believed that kissing your loved one under this bridge gives you access as couples to happiness as well as never-ending love.

Piazza San Marco


If you are looking for Venice’s centerpiece, this huge Square is it. According to Napoleon himself, he referred to Piazza San Marco as Europe’s drawing room. Such is how beautiful Venice is.

Rialto Bridge


When you consider the Grand Canal, the Rialto bridge happens to be its oldest bridge. If you want to get the best of views, rise early so that you do not have to deal with the crowds.

Lido di Venezia


You don’t have to battle with the bustle of the tourist spirit all the time. You can take a detour by visiting Lido di Venezia which is full of charm. All you have to do this board a boat and hitch a ride from the center. You will also locate very cheap but premium restaurants here. Your guide will be pleased to show them to you.

Teatro La Fenice


Teatro La Fernice will definitely blow you away whether you are into operas or not. This venue happens to be of so much importance when it comes to historical art. It has so much popularity in Venice and around the world.



This is an island that provides you with the perfect place if you are looking to relax. It is quiet as well as picturesque. Do not forget to pay a visit to the very amazing basilica to get mind-blowing views when you climb its bell tower.

The counters


There are fantastic restaurants to eat in Venice, but if you are looking for an option that can help you save some money while still getting very amazing food, the counter should be your best friend. You can ask your tour guide to show you what to do. 

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