Top 9 Things to Do in Adelaide for Single People

Adelaide is an amazing city for single people with a lot of fun activities, especially if you have time. It is a metropolis coastal city in Southern Australia with a population of more than 1.3 million people. If you are traveling solo or with a group of friends, you can have a lineup of activities any single person will enjoy.

Some single people will rush into casual hookups or book an Adelaide escort. While this is fun, enjoyable, and one of the things you should not miss in Adelaide, it is not the only activity you should try, especially if you have a couple of days or a week in the city.

That said, we will look at the top things to do in Adelaide for single people. The best thing is that you can do many of them or choose ones that you like or can make to accomplish within the stipulated time.

1. Take a Tour of the City


You can do a self-guided tour of Adelaide to familiarize yourself with various places. Fortunately, there is a lot of information for tourists to ensure that they have a great time touring the city successfully and have an amazing time. This information will help you locate popular and important places like monuments, botanical gardens, shopping malls, and even amazing bars and restaurants that you can visit alone or with an Adelaide escort. It is also a memorable moment that you will not forget.

2. Spend Indoor Time with an Adelaide Escort

It is easy to book an escort, and if you’ve done it before, then booking an Adelaide escort will not be a problem. Just to remind you and enlighten those who wish to book an escort for the first time, the process involves visiting Ivy Société, a reputable escort directory, and choosing a suitable model. You can contact the escort via the contact provided and make arrangements for the model to come to your hotel and offer all agreed services.

3. Enjoy Activities at River Torrens


River Torrens is one of the greatest features you should not miss when you visit Adelaide. You may not take an Adelaide escort with you if you are on a tight budget but you can enjoy the water activities or just walk along the river alone. Most people prefer to do boat activities, rowing, or kayaking, among other popular water games. But you can also enjoy delicious meals in one of the restaurants near the river. If you check and plan well, you will have a memorable time.

4. Enjoy the Beach Activities

Just like any other coastal city in Australia, Adelaide has amazing beaches that are tranquil and clean. Swimming is the main activity for tourists, but you can also get engaged in many other water activities such as scuba diving, boat racing, surfacing, and marine tourism. Whether you are alone or otherwise, you can rest assured that you will enjoy all of these activities. It is important to plan for your beach activities to enjoy them the most.

5. Enjoy Drinks in Adelaide Bars


As an old metropolis town, Adelaide hosts some of the finest bars in Australia. You can find a variety of themed bars such as modern rooftop bars with a panoramic view of the city, classic tavern bars, garden bars, nightclubs with a dance floor, cocktail bars, and many others. It will be better to bring an Adelaide escort who knows some of the finest spots to enjoy drinks and merry. If you do not want to book an escort, you can hook up with beautiful girls in some of these spots to have fun and casual sexual adventures.

6. Take a Tour to Adelaide Central Market

Apart from spending time with an Adelaide escort, you can also try some solo activities like taking a tour of Adelaide central market. This is an old iconic tourist attraction that was opened in 1869. The main activities for tourists include sampling mouth-watering delicacies, interacting with local people, buying souvenirs, and a lot more. If you have more time, you can also visit the nearby shopping malls such as Adelaide Central Plaza shopping center or the famous Chinatown for more experience.

7. Visit the Relaxing Adelaide Botanical Garden

Here is another great and relaxing activity to do alone: visiting the Adelaide Botanical Garden. It is open to the public and many tourists flock here to see the plants, insects, and some reptiles. Whether you bring an Adelaide escort, a casual escort, a friend, or take the walk alone, you will enjoy the tranquility of the botanical garden before heading back to the buzzing city. If you want, you can bring a book to read or take some time to socialize with people on social media using your mobile phone.

8. Watch a Movie or Live Show

Adelaide has many movies and live show theatres just like any other popular city in Australia. All you need is to check the schedule on relevant websites and social media websites to know the shows that are open and their time. If you plan to bring along an Adelaide escort or casual hookup, you should plan even better for the time. Such activities are best done in the afternoon, so you can enjoy the rest of the evening with the escort.

9. Stay Indoors and Read a Book


If you are single and have nothing else to do in Adelaide, you may decide to stay in your hotel and read a book. You can choose from one of many spots of the hotel such as the balcony, by the window, rooftop deck, or a lounge to have a good time reading a book. You can buy a physical book or enjoy one of the online books on your tablet or phone. Online books are best because they have audio options if you are bored of reading.


As you can see, there are many things to do in Adelaide for single people. There is no reason why you should not visit this vibrant city. As mentioned, one of the best activities is to book Adelaide escorts because they are beautiful, bold, and professional. No matter what activity you choose, ensure that you enjoy it fully.

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