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4 Best Places to Buy a Vacation Home in Vermont in 2024 – Find Suitable Options for You

Are you planning to buy a vacation home in Vermont? If yes, you might be confused regarding the best places to get a house.

In this article, we will provide you with a list of suitable areas in Vermont for a vacation home. Many people invest in vacation homes for various purposes.

Some consider it an excellent investment opportunity, while others want to spend quality time in a different place.

No matter what the reason is, you can research in detail to find some suitable options.

Checking the area before purchasing a home is a significant thing to do. Some people skip the same and later regret their decision.

If you don’t want to put yourself in such a situation, you should always research well. There are many ways to do the same.

You can talk to others who might help you get all the information about a particular area.

Hiring a real estate agent is also beneficial if you are doing such a thing for the first time.

They will offer you those options that suit your needs well.

Nowadays, many websites and platforms offer Norwich Vermont houses for sale.

But before choosing an option, you should consume the information

. Sometimes, a little mistake in the process creates enormous problems.

That is why you need to be careful because it is a property matter.

Vacation homes should be located in an area where you can relax and do things that you usually don’t get a chance to do.

You have to pick the right places for the same. Otherwise, it will waste time, money, and effort.

Let’s now discuss some best places in Vermont to buy a Vacation house.

What Are The Most Suitable Places For A Vacation House In Vermont?

What Are The Most Suitable Places For A Vacation House In Vermont

Vermont is a beautiful destination in the world. Thousands of travelers visit it to explore this unique city. If you wish to invest in a property here, it is a good decision.

The real estate rates will surely increase because of high demand.

However, you must find a perfect place to set up your house. Here are some unique ones that you can consider:

1. Burlington

vacation home in Burlington

You might already have heard about this city. Burlington is well-known for a variety of reasons.

The most significant thing about this place is its scenic beauty. You can find many antique and historical buildings here.

The youthful vibes in Burlington are a plus point for purchasing a vacation home.

Burlington is considered the safest city to live in.

People who buy vacation houses in Burlington never get bored of the beautiful scenes of Lake Champlain.

You can indulge in various water sports and enjoy your holidays without problems.

Apart from that, cultural sights are also unique and new. You can explore this city as much as possible.

Burlington offers many options regarding houses. It is always better to consult a real estate agent.

They will provide you with the best ones according to your needs. You can tell them your budget to make their task more accessible and convenient.

2. Montpelier


The capital of Vermont is Montpelier. This city provides people with relaxing and calming vibes.

Its population is also low as compared to other cities.

The whole place is serene and beautiful, and you cannot resist living in it.

Many reasons make this city an ideal place for a vacation house.

People worldwide travel to Montpelier to witness the unique art and culture.

Music festivals are organized many times to attract more travelers. These festivals are famous among many people.

If you ever buy a home here, you won’t feel bored as there are various things to do on your vacation.

Purchasing a vacation house in Montpelier is an excellent decision if you want an exciting place.

The number of historical monuments also adds value to this city. People who love to explore new and unique destinations should never skip this option.

Otherwise, you will miss the chance to have a perfect house in Montpelier.

Some people have a low budget regarding a vacation house. In this situation, Montpelier will be the most suitable option for you.

Property prices are significantly low here in all of Vermont. You can research and find the best houses under your budget without any issues.

3. Manchester


Another place in Vermont that is better than others in Manchester.

It is located in the West and has breathtaking landscapes. People living in Manchester are involved in various adventure activities like fishing, skiing, golfing, etc.

If you are also interested in these activities, there is no better option than Manchester.

The rural areas of this city are pretty good for buying a vacation house. You can choose either a rural area or an urban area, depending on your needs and preferences.

Some people hesitate while purchasing a home in rural areas. Well, in Manchester, you don’t need to think a lot as they are already well-developed.

You can spend your holidays peacefully if you have a vacation house in Manchester.

There are plenty of things to do nearby. But you have to spend some time on research.

4. Killington


Killington in Vermont has gained much attention from many people in the world.

People who love adventure are more interested in spending holidays in Killington.

This town offers many sports activities like hiking and skiing.

Buying a vacation house in Killington is an ideal option for adventurers.

The nightlife of this town is different from others, which is why it is considered a unique place in Vermont.

The houses in Killington are also beautiful and stylish. So, you don’t need to worry about the house designs as they are fantastic.

You can take help from a real estate agent to understand some best options in Killington. Only after that should you proceed further to select the place.

The Bottom Line

We hope this article helped you learn about the best places in Vermont for a vacation home.

Before selecting an option, you should consider your needs and preferences. They matter the most in decision-making.

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