Kathy Porter

Why Should You Consider Getting a Lån (Loan)

In the past several years, the word “loan” has developed a bit of a negative connotation. Why is that? Well, I think a big part of it is the infamy of student debt in certain parts of the world. The coverage on it has leaked into places that it is …

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What Are Consumer Expectations for Social Media Customer Service?

Did you know that about one billion messages are exchanged between social media users and businesses every month? This is the level of interaction and engagement on social networking platforms when it comes to commerce. Social media is everyone’s go-to hub for reaching out to friends and family, and for …

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Why Is the PC Gaming Scene Obsessed With CS:Go Skins

CSGO players have always been a proud community and deemed it to be a “flex” to be associated with it. Most gamers often find themselves at odds against them when playing other FPS or Battle Royale games! Two of the strongholds that have ultimately made CSGO so popular are its …

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