Why Is the PC Gaming Scene Obsessed With CS:Go Skins

CSGO players have always been a proud community and deemed it to be a “flex” to be associated with it. Most gamers often find themselves at odds against them when playing other FPS or Battle Royale games!

Two of the strongholds that have ultimately made CSGO so popular are its simplicity and its short yet fast-paced rounds. However, the concept of skins had quickly caught on within the CSGO community.

It had become something sought after, and had slowly even become an obsession and here are a few of the reasons why.

The Status Quo


Since the very beginning of time, humans have always had the flight-or-fight nature in which they positively had to be the best. Be it in the real world or in the virtual, people just love to brag. They like to show off what they have. The same goes for gamers, or more specifically for CSGO players.

Honestly speaking, it doesn’t really come as a surprise right? Especially as CSGO skins are available based on their quality grades, exterior quality, and and marking. Hence, most hard-core gamers take their skin game very seriously! As it gives them something to showoff to their friends, while at the same time offering up bragging rights on a sliver platter.

The Monetary Advantage


Be it a school kid, overworked office worker, or even a gamer only one thing makes the world go round, and that is money! Considering the in-game value of these skins, they are almost like an NFT. The value of each lies in the eyes of the beholder.

Skins have been known to go for as little as a few bucks to the thousand dollar range! Considering the erratic nature of skin rewards, of which can occur in loot drops or mission rewards, and the sheer luck that goes into it, one really cannot be sure of how soon they can get their hands on an awesome skin.

More or less, people also seek out skins for the sheer monetary value. Most newbies tend to conduct their transactions with Steam Wallet funds. Although Valve claims a 15 percent cut on all of these purchases, the downside is that you cannot withdraw your Steam money. This is blocked, as adding this feature could technically qualify Steam as a banking institution.

Hence, most seasoned traders stick to websites like using Valve’s Steam API such that third party services can hook up with Steam accounts.

The great thing about this is that, serious traders often even rake in enough money through skin trading that they make a decent living out of it.

The Aesthetics


We all want to look good don’t we? Most gamers spend a large chunk of their time playing round after round. Sometimes with friends, and sometimes with strangers. However, in each specific case your avatar is more or less an extension of the self.

So for the most primal of reasons, it is not far fetched to just want your avatar to look good. To put it simply, skins also facilitate a way for gamers to express themselves similar to how we buy clothes and other accessories.

The right skins tend to facilitate a better, more refined experience within the game, as nobody really wants vanilla weapons do they? People have been known to throw around compliments on inventories, and although this is just a small part of it to most; it can be mutually agreed upon that one often enjoys customizing their inventory to tailor their individual fashion, style, and aesthetics.

Although the emphasis on beautification and aesthetics may seem a little over the top, it is no different than wanting to look good in real life. When you spend countless hours on CSGO your inventory is just like wanting that new pair of Jordans or that shiny Patek Philippe.

Most CSGO players would even be familiar with the big old “oopsie” moment when we see players often rush towards a dropped weapon. Especially when the skin seems to suit them, they are known to rush in and often even be killed.

This is often a situation we see a lot of our friends fall prey to, and sometimes even we ourselves may be tempted in a weak moment.

The Legit Factor


This is often not seen that often, but it is still something that most people know about. Being a CSGO player, one would know about the “Overwatch” system, one that detects cheaters based upon player verdicts.

Although these nicks tend to be anonymous, you can see the skins in the preview. When it comes down to the judge, sometimes when they are a little confused they tend to check out the player skins. Sometimes given that the set of skins you possess are a little on the expensive side you may even be able to escape the guilty verdict. This works under the notion that, someone who spent so much money on the game probably won’t look towards cheating.

This works because, we all know that if you get banned your inventory gets locked! Something people obviously wouldn’t want to risk.

Especially as most of the time when we play from another account the game just feels off as you are already too well accustomed to your skins and your inventory.

Summing It Up

Considering the time that most of us dedicate to the online world it is no surprise that the PC gaming scene has been dominated with CSGO skins. To be honest an extension of the self and the opportunity to express oneself doesn’t come often! When a game offers such a dynamic experience it is no surprise that it becomes something sought after.

To simplify it even further we can say – the fewer of something there is the more valuable it ends up being. Especially when we are considering a game full of die-hard fans who spend endless hours to hone in and perfect their skills.

As a result, we have seen excellent platforms that enable users to further enjoy their CSGO skin trading experience!

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