Kilimanjaro – The roof of Africa (Tourist Guide) 

Climbing Kilimanjaro is probably one of the most fun things you can do in your free time, especially if you’re a lover of nature and recreation. The mountain itself is currently one of the biggest tourist attractions in the entire world, so if you are visiting Africa, you can’t miss the opportunity to conquer this beautiful natural wonder. 

Today we’re talking about Kilimanjaro and everything that you as a tourist should know before visiting it. Without any further ado, let’s take a look. 

The mountain features various flora and fauna

Just like we mentioned earlier if you’re a lover of nature and easily impressed by its beauty, climbing Kilimanjaro will be one of the most exciting adventures ever. On this mountain, you will see a lot of rare flowers and animals, as well as try some fruits that you never knew existed before. Both the look and the smell of Kilimanjaro’s nature will charm you. 

Kilimanjaro is fairly easy to climb, with no technical skills needed 

Although the hike itself is pretty long, it doesn’t require you to do anything else but walking normally in the given direction. There aren’t any scenarios on Kilimanjaro where you’ll be required to hang on rocks or pull-yourself up in order to reach a higher spot. It’s a regular hike, except it lasts for a long time. There are many breaks and pauses however, so this shouldn’t be a problem at all, even for those who are not in great physical shape already. 

The tours are very educational

Given that you’re visiting Kilimanjaro with a group formed beforehand by a tourist agency, and with the support of a tourist leader, you’re going to learn a lot about Africa’s culture and the lifestyle of the villagers living beneath the mountain itself. Also, a lot of information about the rare flower species will be provided, so it is pretty much safe to say that these tours are highly educational. According to this website, more than half of the people who visit Kilimanjaro do it for that purpose, to learn more about nature that’s untouched by men. 

The climate is very unpredictable – Be prepared


This isn’t anything that’s supposed to scare you off, but just like on any other mountain, you need to be prepared for many climate changes, especially when you reach the higher points of Kilimanjaro. Make sure that you bring both warm and light clothes so that you can switch to whatever you need in case you need it. As you reach the higher points, the temperature drops significantly, so you will have to wear something that’s warmer like it or not. It’s better to come prepared than to be caught off guard by the snow. 

It’s more than just hiking

As a tourist, you will feel many different things during the tour aside from the regular hiking thrill. Spending a few days on one of the most beautiful mountains in the world with a certain group of people will definitely make you feel special, and you might also make a couple of new friends along the way. 

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