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Some Tips Of Making Attractive YouTube Videos – 2024 Guide

YouTube is one of the popular and best platforms where you can publish your videos. Once you publish your videos on YouTube, you can reach up to a vast number of people. Besides, it will play a significant role in showcasing your talent to the rest of the world. However, to achieve that, you have to make sure that you are crafting attractive videos.

Well, to create the best videos on YouTube, you have to follow some points. Following those points will ensure that the quality of your uploaded video is up to the mark. Besides, if you can use an efficient YouTube editor such as Invideo, it will be easier to tailor the videos according to your requirements. So show some tips that you can follow to make attractive YouTube videos are:

Write a comparing script

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Whenever you are making a video, keep one thing in mind that script is one of the major parts that you have to take care of. If your script is not gripping enough, most of the people will stay away from your video. So if you are writing a script for your video, you should give some extra effort. It is quite a common fact that if the story of the video is not engaging enough, people will feel bored. Besides, keep another thing in mind that the script of the video should be unique from the others. Or else your script will drown in the sea of your competitors. Hence write the script carefully.

The video should be more than 14 minutes

The next thing that you need to know is that your video should be more than 14 minutes. Various studies and researches stated that 14 minutes and 50 seconds is the ideal time for YouTube video. To be precise, it is neither too short nor too long. So you can comprehend the fact that people will not get bored if the length of your YouTube video is more than 14 minutes. Within this time, it will be easier for you to incorporate all the creative content that you crafted for your video.

Incorporate the relevant keywords

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These days SEO is the most important thing. It doesn’t matter if you are making a marketing video or a creative video, SEO ranking is quite significant. You should know that if your SEO ranking is up to the mark, it will be easier for you to reach up to a huge number of people. Hence, it is a good idea to give importance to your SEO ranking. Well, the fundamental thing that you have to do for improving your ratio ranking is including the relevant keywords in the video title. Apart from that, you can also include the keywords in the video description as well. If you can properly place the keywords in your video, it will witness a better ranking in the search engine. Therefore do some research on keywords and incorporate them in your video.

Take care of the lights

Now let us indulge in some technical aspects of a video. The fundamental thing that you should check is the lighting of your video. If your video doesn’t have the proper lighting, it will cause irritation to your viewers. You need to understand that visual comfort is the most important thing when it comes to a video. If the audience is not comfortable while watching your video, they will look away from that. And that is something that is not good for your YouTube video as well as your YouTube channel. So, take care of the lighting while shooting the video. In this case, we will recommend you not to create any clash between the natural light and the artificial light. If you see that the natural light is enough to serve your purpose, don’t opt for artificial light. And if you think that natural light is not enough, go for artificial lights.

Create an attractive intro and outro

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Intros and outros are imperative parts of a video. If your YouTube video doesn’t have an intro and outro, it will not perform according to your preference. To be specific, they are more important for your YouTube channel. They add consistency to your channel and also enhances the compelling factor of the videos. Creating an intro and outro is not that tough. To create them all, you need an outro maker. The best part is you can use the outro maker to create intros as well. So if you are planning to improve the quality and content of your video, add intros and outros. We assure you that you will not get disappointed by the results that you will get after adding intros and outgrows.

Test your audio before publishing

Audio is a vital part of a video. Without proper audio, a video will look dull. Therefore while incorporating the audio in your video it is important to check the audio. We have already discussed that visual comfort is one of the essential parts of a video. Similarly, hearing comfort is also an imperative factor when it comes to making a video. If people are not comfortable with the audio quality, your video will not yield the results according to your expectations. Thus, one of the fantastic ways to avoid this situation is by testing your audio before publishing your video on YouTube. In case you find any issues with the audio quality, you can take care of that immediately. So you can see the importance of checking the audio before uploading your video to YouTube.

Right editing software is also a significant part

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Without editing, you cannot craft your video according to your preference. And to edit a video, you need an efficient video editor. You have to choose the editor that consists of various impressive features that you can use to make your video. So if you are looking for the best editing tool, you can look for the InVideo video editing tool. It has all the necessary features that will help you to make the best video. For instance, you can include music as well as text in your video with the help of these video editing tools. So bring this tool on the boards and edit your video in such a way that it impresses all.

So, these are the things that you should keep in mind while making a YouTube video.

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