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Why you Need to Get 4,000 Watch Hours on YouTube – 2024 Guide

Everyone nowadays has a YouTube app on their phones to watch entertaining, educational, or music videos. But do you know many people make a fortune by creating videos on YouTube instead of watching videos?

Well, they are. It is all about YouTube monetization rules. If you want to make money on YouTube, you need to have at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time on your YouTube channel over the last 12 months.

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But precisely what is YouTube watch time?

Watch time, also known as audience retention, is the total time frame in aggregate that viewers invest in watching your YouTube videos. It has replaced YouTube views and become the top rating element in rating videos since the YouTube algorithm was updated in October 2012, which means if your video has a surge in watch time, it is prone to be promoted to the recommended page by YouTube, which often brings about a lot more organic views and subscribers for your channel.

But it will take a lot of time to get 4,000 YouTube watch hours, especially for a new and small creator on YouTube without many videos and subscribers. But there is always a way if you look for it. Keep reading if you are researching ways to increase your YouTube watch time and monetize your YouTube channel.

In the following paragraphs, you’ll discover four useful ways to enhance your YouTube watch time.

Select Titles and Thumbnails That Concisely Reveal Your Content

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The titles and thumbnails of the videos are two important factors that affect your video views and watch time. They are the primary elements for viewers to determine whether to simply click to watch or just leave.

Imagine if you are a viewer, and someday a video with “how to make ramen” title appears on your home page, and you happen to want to eat; but after clicking it, you find the video is about making a turkey. Quite disappointing, right? I guess the only thing you will do is to leave this video immediately.

Therefore, working on your video title and thumbnails is definitely worth it. They offer a preliminary description of a video’s content. If your video content matches the title and thumbnails, there is a big chance viewer will watch till the end of your video, helping you boost your watch time.

Compose Playlists to Catch Viewers

The essence of the watch time is to catch the viewers. Only when viewers are willing to watch your video for a long time, your watch time can be increased.

Creating playlists for your various YouTube videos is a great method to imperceptibly drive your viewers to watch your next videos. They will unintentionally watch the next video following behind this video, and another video behind the next video, etc. And your visibility and exposure are continuously increasing. At last, they will fall in love with you!

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Also, it is important to organic your videos in an interesting order. When viewers come by and click one of your videos, in some way, your video title or thumbnail that reflects content interests them. So, it is necessary to show them your other related videos on the same topic, therefore prolonging their view retention on your videos.

Bonus tip: when you use the playlist characteristic, clear your video intros and outros out that may lead viewers to quit watching your videos. Continuity matters.

Use Cards Throughout Your Video

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There are a number of ways to put cards on your video, nevertheless, the very best technique to keep audiences engaged is to apply these cards to link to other related videos or playlist on your channel that viewers will probably be enthusiastic about. Especially when you add the cards at the end of the video where viewers are normally to decrease away from.

Same as using the playlist feature, these cards will drive your viewers to your other content videos, thus improving your YouTube watch time.

If you still don’t know how to add cards to your video, checking out your strong competitors’ videos in your niche to see how they add the cards and edit their thumbnails is always a great way to get your more watch hours.

Buy YouTube Watch Time from Trustworthy Site

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You may not know, many people save their time and energy by buying YouTube watch time to achieve their channel monetization. I have to say, buying watch hours is the most effective way if you have already spent a lot of time on marketing your videos but gaining nothing, especially for new YouTubers.

By buying YouTube watch time, your video can gain not only more watch time but also a great chance to stand out from the sea of YouTube content. When your video is on a higher level compared to others, getting more engaging views and organic subscribers is no longer a tough job.

Please note that there are many places you can buy YouTube watch time. As suggested by Famous Follower, you need to be careful to choose when you buy because there are services that may not only help to increase watch hours but also do harm to your YouTube channel.


Different from Google and other search engines that use spiders to scan articles and links, the YouTube algorithm uses a completely unique way to detect content videos since videos cannot be scanned by spiders. By analyzing several metrics such as the watch time, views as well as subscribers, YouTube recognizes the quality and potential of your video. That’s why you need to pay attention to YouTube watch time. In this way, YouTube will think highly of your video and vigorously promote your YouTube channel.

Don’t just read this article and do nothing. Act now! Combining the above four strategies can greatly help improve your watch time, and consequently, your social proof and visibility on the network.

What is your opinion? Do you use a few of these methods to promote your YouTube videos? Do you have other tips? Discuss your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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