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8 Tips on How to Plan a Destination Wedding on a Budget – 2024 Guide

Your wedding celebration will be one of the greatest days in your lifetime, especially since it will give an entirely new meaning to being in a relationship with someone. However, not everyone has the finances for creating a completely luxurious, over-the-top, and costly destination ceremony.

But, you and your partner should not be stressed or too worried about this, especially since there is a wide range of things that you could choose to do if you want to make the entire day quite memorable while staying in the range of your budget. Let’s look at 10 tips on organizing a destination nuptials while on a budget:

  1. First Things First – You Must Determine The Budget

Let’s be honest here – a destination wedding can be quite expensive, which is the main reason why you and your partner must sit down together and decide how much you’ll actually spend on the ceremony. Once you are done with this, you can then begin searching for venues and learn how high your travel fees will be.

  1. You May Need to Revisit The Guest List

Most couples who opt for a destination ceremony often conclude that their guest list is smaller than it would be, which is one of the best ways to stick to your budget. Since you’ll be making the list with your soon-to-be spouse, you should think about narrowing it down by choosing to invite your family members, as well as closest friends. There is one thing to keep in mind though – the more individuals you choose to invite, the more costly everything will be.

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  1. DIY is The Solution to Everything

Think about it – why should you hire vendors for something if you can actually make it by yourself? Yup, you have no idea how much money you can save by, for instance, arranging the flowers by yourself or ordering cheap decorations online and setting it by yourself.

Besides it being cheaper, you could also involve the people closest to you in the entire preparation process, which is something that they’ll appreciate. Additionally, you’ll be able to completely arrange the venue as you imagined it, hence, you won’t need to worry about someone messing it up.

  1. Consider Hiring Transport For The Attendees

If you really want to lower your expenses, you should think about hiring transportation that’ll take the attendees from their hotels to your celebration venue in bulk. Meaning that you can preserve a lot of money on travel expenses and you’ll make sure that all of them are accounted for.

Now, you should know that you should carefully look at what these transportation companies offer. For example, offers customization services, which means that the inside and/or the outside of the vehicle can be decorated, there can be beverages waiting for them, and they could even play music. Others might not offer these services, hence, before you actually choose the first company, look at what they offer.

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  1. Choosing Local Resources And Shops Can Save Cash

The best thing about having a destination wedding is the actual location. What does this mean? Well, for example, if you opt to have your ceremony on the beach, allow your environment to be the background. This indicates that you won’t need to waste a lot on the decoration, or you can ope for a minimalistic approach that won’t take a big chunk out of your budget.

Another thing that you should think about doing is to choose local vendors, suppliers, and resources, especially since it will be quite cheaper. Besides this, it will make everything easier for you, since you’ll have everything in one place and you won’t need to pay for the shipping fees and costs.

  1. The Place You Choose Can Be Your Honeymoon Destination As Well

Since you’ll already spend money on planning your wedding and traveling to the location, why not double the place as your honeymoon location as well? Trust me, there is no better way to save money than this. This also means that you won’t need to wait for some relaxing time, instead, you can simply go to your resort/hotel when the reception is over and spend some time alone with your husband or wife.

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  1. Think About The Timing

If you schedule your reception on a, let’s say Sunday, it will be less expensive than scheduling it on a Friday night. And doing this will be extremely cost-saving. So, when you are planning everything out, ensure that you choose a day where venues and restaurants tend to charge less.

  1. Sending The Invitations Early On Will Help Everyone

Now, the guests are probably going to be in charge of paying for their own hotels and travel fees, hence, you’ll definitely want to let them know all the information as soon as you can. Sending them out early on will ensure that everyone on your guest list can actually attend your wedding, and you’ll also ensure that they can organize themselves for your wedding.

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Bonus Tip – Choosing a Good Photographer is Crucial

Your wedding will not be complete without a photographer that will capture all of the important moments – and choosing one is quite difficult. This is why you’ll want to book him/her as soon as you determine whether or not they are good. Since it is hard to find a good photographer, you’ll want to book them immediately.

Additionally, you might also want to consider hiring them for the most important moments only, which means that they will be there to capture when your guests are arriving, the ceremony, as well as some moments at the reception later on. Hiring them for several hours will cut your expenses significantly.


As you can see, there is actually a lot of things that you can do, all of which will make your dream wedding less expensive. From using your environment as a backdrop to making your guest list shorter, all of the things mentioned above will definitely help you save some money, which you can then use for other things.

So, now that you know what you can – and definitely should choose to do – do not waste any more of your time. Instead, take a look at the list once again, talk with your partner about the specific tips you are thinking about using, and then work on planning your dream destination wedding together.

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