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Pros And Cons Of Homework – 2024

Homework is something that has been around for centuries. While technology may have changed a lot around us, and how we do thing but teachers assigning homework is something that has stayed constant regardless of what phase of education you are in. There is a lot of debate regarding the importance of homework, with some parties saying that it is integral to the learning process of a student and some parties saying that it is completely redundant and the activity should be removed from all aspects of education.

You will be surprised to know that there are some countries around the world that don’t use the practice of assigning homework, like in Finland. And this seems to work for them because students seem to do a lot better in school this way. But is the productivity really related to the lack of homework?

Or is it something else. While the pros and cons of homework make sense on their own, homework is still a huge part of the education system so it will require much effort to change that. Find out more by reading the article.

Pros of homework

1. It helps the student understand the topic more

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The parties who are for students having homework argue that once a student has been assigned homework for the topic that was done earlier in school, the concepts and ideas would be reinforced better. And since there aren’t as many hours in the day that are allocated towards each subject, teachers won’t have the time to go over the topic repeatedly People who advocate homework, they believe that once teachers assign homework, the student will have to designate the time to go over the work done, which will help them in retaining the information in their minds better.

2. It disciplines the student

Teaching students crucial skills such as time management and being organized is crucial because these are the type of things that are used in every aspect of your life as you get older. And homework is one way of enforcing the skill and developing it because it pushed the student to work actively to our time and designate it to a certain task. Without assigning homework, students will not know the concept of time management early on and will struggle as they get older.

3. Practice makes perfect

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In order to master a concept or topic, it is crucial that the student practices it enough so that they fully understand it. Subjects like math especially require a ton of practice, and only classwork will not be enough in order to get better at them. Practicing certain subjects through homework make the student better understand the lectures that go on in class. The human mind needs to be conditioned if something is to be enforced, and practice is one way of doing that.

4. It enables students to pick up on good habits

When the student has to designate time for homework that means they have less time to allocate towards other things such as watching television and playing video games. With technological gadgets constantly around everyone these days, it makes sense to minimize the time spent with them whenever it is possible. Using the iPad or playing a video game can be used as a reward mechanism to enforce a good habit such as completing homework on time.

5. Students become better prepared for the real-life

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According to teachers, homework enables the development of some very important skills that can be used once they are done with education. Such skills are necessary to be developed at an early age, otherwise, the individual will struggle when they are required to use such skills in real life, and become very overwhelmed.

Cons of homework

1. It can be a stressful process

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When it comes to college students, they get assigned a lot of homework which can result in them being stressful. Students complain they get overwhelmed with the amount of homework they get which leads to them isolated from social life and not having time to do anything else. In cases like this, it is always good to ask for help.

2. It is not as effective as teachers might think

Since students have to juggle a lot between classes, they usually resort to other methods of completing homework such as copying someone else’s work in order to not be penalized. This practice completely defeats the purpose of the homework assigned because students do not learn anything this way.

3. It does not motivate the student’s

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According to some teachers, homework results in the school performance being improved but several research studies have said otherwise. Students complain about being far from motivated when they have piles of homework to attend to. Research also says that completing homework is not the most effective way in order to increase the student’s IQ level. Some types of homework might be too difficult for some students while being a piece of cake for some which means it is not an accurate way to compare a student’s performance in the class either.

4. It leaves students with less leisure time

Because students are constantly stressing about completing one homework project after the other, it leaves them with practically no time to themselves and to do the things they enjoy. This can also mean they won’t get the required amount of physical activity needed because they are too busy sitting on a chair and working away. Completing homework on time may develop time management skills, but there are several other skills that cannot be catered to by homework assignments such as social skills, reading, learning an instrument and more. These skills are also crucial to the development of cognitive systems.

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