Why Students Find Technology Important?

In today’s world, technology has been used in every domain of our lives. But isn’t it crucial to examine and ask oneself if it is leaving a positive impact on our generation, especially on the students who are the assets of our nation? Is technology improving our education system or making the students lazy? Is technology really necessary for students? Technology in education has been a debated topic over the years. This article helps one to understand whether technology is really significant for our students. 

As the educational institutes embraced technology, there were a number of positive and also a negative impact on society. The negativity was spread due to the lack of knowledge on how to utilize the technology that had been newly introduced. But gradually, as the technology was being used over many domains of our lives, people were adapting to the change and were able to see the benefits of technology.


Education has been taken to a whole new level with the introduction of technology, be it in classrooms or outside of the classroom. Technology and education is undoubtedly a great combination if it is used in the right version and vision. Few of the ways in which technology improves education have been listed below.

Students can develop research skills at a very young age. Since technology gives access to the abundance of valuable information over fingertips, students tend to research a lot so that they can learn things soon. This also results makes a student develop a quick rate of learning than before.

-Students get to access an expanse of material. There are many interacting online tutoring platforms which provide Vedantu NCERT solutions that help students to prepare for their exams and also for competitive exams. For instance, Vedantu, one of the top leading Ed-tech organizations not only provides NCERT solutions but also make the other study materials available for the students like NCERT Books and other reference books for students. When the right resources are available for the students, they are most likely to study without any distractions.

-Through technology, teachers can now collaborate to share their resources and ideas online. They can provide the students with their best by communicating across with the students, meet the shortcomings of their work and refining it. This will also enhance the way teacher practices teaching.


Both teachers and students have access to immense study materials provided online. There are plenty of credible websites available for students and teachers, which they can utilize for their development of knowledge which is now not limited due to technology.

-Students can work better when they can learn at their own pace. Online learning allows students to learn in their speed as many students nowadays find it hard to cope up with the methodology and pace followed in the classroom. E-learning helps the students to keep themselves updated and come prepared for the topic they will be engaged in their classroom.

Computer-managed learning has helped students to boost their speed. It is a program that uses computers to assist students in their learning process with the right study materials. Through this program, they can review their self-assessment chart which gives them the idea on their weak areas so that they can work on it.

-Online learning is cost friendly in many ways. Besides, it also saves an individual’s time of traveling, which they can utilize in studying or engage themselves in other activities as well. One can manage their time and study efficiently in their own comfort.

Using technology will ultimately increase the level of creativity in a student’s mind as the use of technology will demand students imagination as they engage themselves in it. For instance, the blog creation, usage of cartoon and comic strip tools, infographics, digital storytelling tools require student’s creativity.

Educational technology improves student achievement when the proper tools are integrated thoughtfully. Students have new opportunities to learn and achieve in the field they are interested in through online learning. This leads to improvement in student learning outcomes.



In conclusion, we would like to add a point that one needs to be updated about the happenings in the world and the best way to achieve that is being technologically advanced.  Educators and educational researchers should be stirred to utilize the given technology to facilitate learning, rather than debating whether it works or which could be more effective. Hence one must adapt with the advancements in technology as it positively impacts our every domain of lives when used in the right way and with the right motives. 

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