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7 Annual House Maintenance Tasks You Should Never Forget – 2024 Guide

Being a homeowner can be quite challenging. Proper house maintenance is of the utmost importance, but it can sometimes be difficult to manage. Luckily, some house maintenance tasks don’t have to be done every single month, but once or twice a year instead.

Still, these annual tasks are often neglected and forgotten, which can be a costly mistake to make. Therefore, we’re here to remind you to finish these while you still can!

Check the trees in your backyard

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Sometimes we forget that the trees in our gardens are living things: they will not live forever. Having an old, diseased, or rotten tree in the proximity of our home can be a huge threat to our living space. If you don’t remember to check your trees for signs of decay at least once a year, you’re at risk of the tree falling down and potentially doing irreversible damage to your property.

Other than that, make sure to trim your trees properly every year. These tasks should be done in the springtime when the weather is nice and everything is growing and blossoming.

Lawnmower maintenance

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Your lawnmower is used on a monthly, sometimes weekly basis. Still, when was the last time you did a checkup of its engine and other parts? Well, make you don’t forget to do it this year too!

Lawnmowers aren’t cheap, so you want them to last you for the longest possible time. Without proper maintenance and cleaning, that’s unlikely to be the case. Also, consider hiring a professional servicer to help you with the maintenance. They’ll have the proper tools to completely “revitalize” your lawnmower, and it will be worth every penny once you start noticing the differences in power. It won’t only save you time while you’re mowing your lawn, but it will save you some money, especially in the long run. As we mentioned before, lawnmowers can be quite costly, so it’s better to spend around 50$ every year to keep it working than having to buy a new one every few years.

Check your pipes

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You’re probably aware of how important having a healthy plumbing system is. Unfortunately, many house owners neglect their pipes until they start creating obvious issues. While modern pipelines are generally well made and sturdy, checking them for leaks once in a while doesn’t hurt.

Other than that, look for any possible signs of clogging, and pay extra attention to your pipes during the winter. Freezing temperatures are one of the main causes of burst pipes, so properly ventilating your spaces is of the utmost importance.

If you notice any oddities, make sure to call a plumber for additional assistance. Some things are easily fixable, but the professional eye will be able to spot potential issues way before you do.

Clean your gutters

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While the frequency of required gutter maintenance depends on many factors such as general weather conditions in the area and the number of trees surrounding your house, don’t forget to do it at least once a year. A clogged gutter can do incredible amounts of damage to your home as it can cause your roof to decay.

Make sure you do this when the weather is nice and get a stable set of ladders. Whatever you do, be careful out there, as falling from your roof can cause horrifying injuries. If you’re not confident in your gutter-cleaning skills, make sure to call a professional gutter cleaning service to do it for you. You can read more about these types of services here if you’re interested.

Inspect your chimney

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It doesn’t matter how often you use your chimney, it still needs to be inspected regularly. Ignoring this task could potentially be quite dangerous as the gases inside of your chimney can be hazardous to your health.

Of course, if you use your chimney quite often, you might want to check it even more frequently. Whatever you do, remember to clean it often, and hire a professional service if you’re not confident in doing the job properly.

All in all, the annual inspection of your chimney must not be forgotten! It’s an important task that could save you from many health issues in the long run.

Check your home for a possible pest infestation

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Many people think that seeing a rodent or a cockroach running through their garage once is an isolated incident. Fast forward a month later, they’re drowning in a full-blown infestation. So, as soon as you notice the presence of unwanted guests, no matter if it’s a single specimen, it’s time to take action. Prevention is much better than cure, so get the pest control before the things get out of control. Be especially warry during the summer as that’s the optimal time for pests to attack your home.

So, make sure to check those dark corners of your basement at least once a year, preferably during the summer. If you notice any signs of a possible infestation, no matter if it’s animal waste, weird noises in your walls, or missing food in your patio, it’s time to get rid of those pests.

Appliance servicing

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Your boilers, radiators, washing machines, and air conditioning all need to be checked and serviced at least once a year. While it may seem like a hassle to do so, you’re much better off doing it once a year than buying and installing new ones every couple of years.

Neglected appliances won’t only pose a problem once they’re unfixable, but they’ll also work less effectively if not maintained properly. You’ll end up losing more money on water and power bills for something that’s easily fixable.

Overall, getting your appliances checked and serviced once a year is a good practice that could potentially save you a lot of time, effort, and money.

The bottom line

In this article, we described some of the most important annual home maintenance tasks to help you focus your attention in the right direction. We hope it was informative enough to help you keep your home in the best possible condition.

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