Proven Tips For Choosing the Best Possible Plumber

A pipe has sprung a leak, or the toilet is overflowing, or there’s an awful sewage smell emanating from the basement – these are what any homeowners might consider an emergency, in need of a fast resolution. These emergencies aren’t all that rare, and yet many homeowners still doesn’t have a relationship with a plumber they trust. Why is that?

It might be that some homeowners figure they can put off finding a plumber until the actual emergency hits. But that is arguably the worst time to start looking for a plumber. Instead of trying to thumb through the yellow pages, or peruse the internet during a plumbing emergency, find the perfect plumber before disaster strikes.

Check out a few key questions to ask when looking for the best possible plumbing company or click here to see a great example.

Are They Well Reviewed?

In the internet age, perhaps the finest predictor of quality is online reviews. But you can’t just take a few reviews as God’s word: cross-reference reviews on a few different review sites, so as it weeds out the possibility that you are reading paid promotion. Read the good and the bad reviews, and ask yourself whether the points in each are valid – whether, in other words, the praise or criticism seems warranted given the description.

What Are Their Credentials?

Don’t just call up any handyman with an ad online. Be sure that the plumber you hire is certified and licensed – this is the only way of ensuring you will receive a high level of service and professionalism. If their licensure isn’t prominently displayed on their website, ask them about it, and if they try to distract from the issue, they probably aren’t licensed, and thus aren’t worth your time and money.

Proven Tips For Choosing the Best Possible Plumber


What’s the Scope of Their Work?

If you’re going to forge a relationship with a plumber, you need to know they aren’t a one-trick pony. You need to know that they have a wide skill-set and can handle problems both big and small. Some handymen limit themselves to basic installations and repairs and have no idea what to do when, say, a sewage backup hits your basement. Find a plumbing company that’s comfortable with a number of different jobs.

Do They Offer City Rebate Assistance?

Plumbing can get a little pricey, especially when it comes to large sewer repairs, which is why many cities offer rebate programs for certain large jobs – lead pipe replacement or backwater valve installation, to name just a couple. The only catch is you have to choose a certified plumber, one who can help you with rebate assistance. Don’t simply assume that your neighborhood handyman has the power to offer rebate assistance – only legitimate, certified plumbers can.

Proven Tips For Choosing the Best Possible Plumber
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Don’t wait until your next plumbing emergency to start looking for the right plumber. Get ahead of the game by asking yourself the questions above, and when you find the right plumbing company for you, save them to your contacts – you’ll be glad you did!

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