Choose Bouldern as a Hobby

If you have found that you have some extra time during your day for a hobby, but you are not sure what you should start, you should consider rock climbing. If you want to start building strength and keep fit, rock climbing has prover to have a lot of health benefits. However, for people who live in big cities like Los Angeles, accessing an outdoor space for rock climbing isn’t always doable.

Luckily, some fitness facilities do offer indoor rock climbing walls that can give you the same benefits if you are doing it outside, without requiring the money and time needed to access those outdoor climbing venues. Other than being great for your body and health, rock climbing can also be exciting, and often the excitement that you feel while climbing will mask the fact that you are exerting yourself physically.

Here are some of the health benefits you can get out of rock climbing, which will make you consider to take it up as a hobby.

Total Body Workout


One of the best benefits of rock climbing is that it works both your lower and upper body muscles. You will strengthen your muscles in your arms and back when pulling yourself up, and you will be forced to engage the muscles of your quads, calves, and core to stabilize your body while climbing.

Working all of these muscles together in just a single workout makes your time spent at the gym much more effective, and it is a great solution that does not have enough time to come into a gym multiple times a weak to work out those different muscle groups separately. To prevent any injuries during your climbing session, make sure that you take some time to warm up and stretch properly before beginning.

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You will increase your flexibility and range of motion


Having a larger range of motion for every joint is important in order to move our body freely. The range of motion of each joint can be improved by engaging in regular rock climbing which can help us become more flexible. Rather than moving in just one direction as you would in other exercises such as lifting or running, rock climbing demands that you move your body and joints down, up and to the sides; all in just one workout.

This constant change of motion and direction requires your body to adapt and learn how to effectively move in all three planes of motion; frontal, transverse and sagittal. While you will have increased flexibility, rock climbing will also give you the ability to move much more effectively and with increased strength while doing simple everyday activities.

You will improve your cardio and strength in a single workout


Instead of choosing between strength or cardio workout sessions, rock climbing will allow you to do both simultaneously. The constant movement in rock climbing will cause you to burn a lot more calories. While you are improving your cardio, you will also build your muscle strength considerably.

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