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4 Simple Factors for Maintaining a Healthy Weight in 2024

The healthy, ideal weight is given to some people by genetics, and some have to work hard for it. In both cases, it is not easy to maintain a healthy weight. People who have been lucky enough to spend their youth at ideal weights can begin to lose it with …

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The Surprising Health Benefits of Axe Throwing

It may seem a little strange: this new, fad sport is generally considered more of a parlor game, more of an extreme party activity than a health trend. People go axe throwing for bachelor parties and birthdays, after all – not to shed a few pounds. And yet, despite its …

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Choose Bouldern as a Hobby

If you have found that you have some extra time during your day for a hobby, but you are not sure what you should start, you should consider rock climbing. If you want to start building strength and keep fit, rock climbing has prover to have a lot of health …

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