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Tips For Choosing a Trampoline

Trampolines have been around for a very long time, 83 years to be exact, and since their creation, they have provided a constant thrill for children all over the world. The creators, George Nissen and Larry Griswold drew inspiration from trapeze artists and their safety nets and wanted to bring that feeling of thrill when bouncing through the air to everyday people. Created in 1936 and built in a garage from scrap metal and tire inner tubes, the ‘bouncing rig’ became a circus act and gained a lot of public interest.

Besides being one of the inventors, Nissen was also a teenage gymnast, hence he performed on the device, earning the name Campeon de Trampolin in Mexico. Trampoline means diving board in Spanish and is where Nissen got the idea for its name.

Today, they can be easily found in many places, one of them being people’s backyards, where children especially enjoy bouncing around on them. However, they can not only be a fun exercise for the kids but for the parents as well since they actually offer quite a few health benefits. So if you have finally decided to get one for your family, here are some things to consider when buying.

  1. The Shape

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They are available in several shapes with each holding special benefits. They are manufactured round, oval, square, and rectangular. The shape you pick should depend on two factors – the number of jumpers and your preference.

Round – The most popular and usually the most budget-friendly shape, it comes in a variety of sizes and ranges. It provides a lot more surface to bounce on and wherever you start you will usually end up in the middle thanks to the even distribution of springs. 

Rectangular – Usually used by gymnasts and professionals, they will not send you back to the middle because the springs work independently. This means that users need to be more cautious and control where they take off and land, so it is recommended for kids and adults who are keen jumpers. 

Oval – A mix between the two, it provides the best of both round and rectangular devices. They offer a larger jumping area, but also have two distinct bouncing areas at both ends. However, depending on the manufacturer, some of them might lack bounce.

  1. They Type

There is a wide selection when it comes to types which include the standard, mini, kids, bungee, and even water trampolines. Also, you will have to decide whether you would like an indoor or outdoor and spring or springless one. The type and shape will also determine how bouncy these pieces of equipment are, so if extra bounciness is something you really want, trampoline.guides can help you find the world’s bounciest trampoline. 

  1. The Size 

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One of the most important things is to buy a device that is appropriate for the user’s age. More often then not, less is more since the overall performance depends on the person’s weight.  For toddlers ones that are 4-5ft and 6-7ft in size are perfect, for kids 8ft or 10ft ones are ideal, while for children and adults 12 or 14ft are the right choice. 

  1. The Weight 

Each equipment’s weight capacity is always listed in the specifications, so make sure you buy one that suits the number of people who would like to use it. Whether you have a small or big family, determine how many of you could potentially be using it at once and pick a type accordingly. 

  1. Available Space 

For indoor spaces, mini or kids ones should work just fine, although if you are planning on a more standard type, always make sure that the ceiling is a few feet higher to avoid any accidents. For the outdoors, the size will, of course, depend on how big your garden is. For example, 4-8ft ones will fit in smaller gardens while 8 to 10ft are great for medium-sized spaces. For large backyards, you can choose all of the previous sizes, but also 12 or 14ft ones. 

  1. Safety 

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Safety is crucial when it comes to using trampolines, so consider all the safety standards before making an investment. It is better to buy one that comes with an enclosure net, but if you really like a model and it does not have one, you can always buy it separately and attach it. 

  1. Construction Material

The materials used to construct these devices should be durable and high-quality. The enclosure entrance shouldn’t just have a zipper but also reinforced stitching to make it more durable. The bottom attachment of your safety net is equally significant since it will prevent anyone from falling out or getting their limbs stuck, so make sure there are no spaces or holes at the bottom of your net.

Safety pads should provide enough cushioning and secure coverage for the springs. Although on a well-built, quality trampoline nobody should often come in contact with them, there is no such thing as being too safe. 

  1. The Surface 

Investing in this equipment is great but only if you have the right surface for it such as grass or soil. Also, you will need to place it on level ground and ensure the area under is always clear to avoid unnecessary injuries. 

  1. Your Budget

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It wouldn’t be completely wrong to say that the price reflects the quality, however, it also doesn’t mean that the cheaper options are always poor quality. Whatever your budget is, you will be able to find one to fit it, just always make sure the construction parts are safe and sturdy for your family to use. 

  1. Longevity

Similarly to the budget, the price of the device usually affects how long it will last. There is also a possibility that cheaper ones might require a bit more maintenance over the years than more expensive ones as the materials that are most commonly replaced include the padding, jumping mat, netting, and more. This might make the less expensive options actually pricier over time.


As much fun as these pieces can be, always stay alert and supervise your children every time they are on a trampoline. Regularly check its condition before using it and make sure that the appropriate amount of people are on it at one time. Other than that, enjoy all the benefits this recreational device has to offer and of course, do not forget to have a great time.

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