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Rare Flowers Which Look Gorgeous

Finding the right way to express your emotions, saying a kind word without opening your mouth, getting the wanted response from the other person, is what you can do with flowers. Such a task may sound and seem simple, but we assure you it isn’t. How many times have you searched for one of a kind flower, and ended up with roses in your hands because all others looked the same, right?

We care about opting for unique flowers, and knowing how to recognize them is crucial in your decision-making. Rare flowers are the answer to the question you have been searching for. They are a solution to all the worries mentioned above, and remember, rare flowers deserve a few more words. We have done the homework and prepared a few suggestions for unique flowers you can select to surprise someone.

Chocolate Cosmos

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The first suggestion of rare flowers on our list is the Chocolate Cosmos. Unique not only in the visual part but in the smell of chocolate. This maroon flower can be found only in the wilderness of Mexico. Perfect for any romantic occasion, or mood-softener in any room, the Chocolate Cosmos is our No.1 choice.

Jade Vine

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This rare and delicate flower lives in the rainforest of the Philippines, where the majority of people have never tried to go. Jade Vine flower, some say, is easier to spot when searching at night than by daylight because it possesses the luminous quality that is attractive to the eye in the night. The size of this beautiful claw-shaped flower is over three meters and exists in the recognizable light green or light blue color. If you want to check some beautiful flowers, view more here.

Parrot’s Beak

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Parrot’s Beak is a flower that owes his name an explanation but is understandable with its recognizable, unique look and colors. Since the 19 century, these flowers only known location is in the Canary Islands, where it made its name worldwide known. Unfortunately, the Parrot’s Beak blooms in full sunshine but is depended on the sunbird as the only pollinator to complete the process. Since the sunbirds have left the Canary Islands, Parrot’s Beak flowers, with its fire colors of red, yellow, and orange, have faced extinction.

Ghost Orchid

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The Ghost Orchid flower is hard to find anywhere in the world, but reports say that Florida and Cuba pose the climate conditions that suit the flower’s taste. This flower is demanding about the type of tree it grows around and also the climate conditions. The name Ghost Orchid is because of its petals that look like a ghost in front of you. The reason why they are protected by low is the fact they are so rare to find and on the brink of extinction.

Kokia cookei

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The flower Kokia cookei is found only in Hawaii. The mentioned rare flower here has more significant meaning because only one of this kind exists in the books in the last century. Such a unique flower is a subject of much-needed attention from scientists that are working to ensure its successful future in the wild.

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