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What is Test & Tag

Most electricians and IT specialists, as well as computer shops and even construction operations,  have to do what they call test and tag, and you may have heard of it. For those who don’t know, we’re going to let you know what test and tag are, explain in a brief form, the process of test and tag and how important it is. This guide is meant to inform you so you know that you’re following proper procedures for yourself, and also for your employees so you can greatly benefit from this expense, and avoid criminal action as well. We’ll also explain why it’s best to have a company do it for you.

What is the Test and Tag Process?

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This is basically a way that certified individuals properly assess, and then label items that carry electricity through them. This can range and vary depending on what your industry is, just like it also varies in how often you’ll have to test and tag your equipment and gear depending on how your business looks into them. Everything that’s electronic has to have a test and tag regularly performed, and this can even help those in a computer repair shop, by ensuring that all of their tools are extremely protected, and so is their life. You can find the full story at

Australia’s Regulations

The reason aside from the aforementioned ones in this post is not only because you generally want to be good companies, but also because you want to make sure that you are protecting your employees and yourself, as well as your pocketbook. Australia has numerous rules and regulations in place to obtain this, and one of them is the test and tag process.

What Industries Have to Test and Tag?

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Some businesses think they’re out of the loop or don’t have to actually perform this necessary procedure, and they’re often the ones that don’t succeed or have numerous accidents and eventually go out of business. While accidents from electricity are pretty common with jobs like construction, electrical work, carpentry, and even plumbing, it’s also important to realize that just because you’re in a kitchen of a restaurant, your equipment could malfunction at any time too. Therefore, no matter what the business is, if it plugs into an outlet or electrical connection, that item needs to be tested and tagged properly, even computers.


While the procedure is simple, it often requires someone who’s certified, and therefore you’ll want to make sure you hire a quality team of professionals that specialize in this, so you can avoid some out of pocket costs. When you have to hire an internal team to perform this action, you have to be responsible for many different costs, like insurance, workman’s compensation, proper test, and tag procedures, paperwork, time, labor, and even the tools used to perform testing and tagging. You can avoid all of that if you have a company like ETS – Electrical Testing Services, to perform all of these dangerous and tedious tasks on a regular basis so you don’t have to.

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