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Cost Reduction & Time-Saving Techniques of Recruitment in 2024

Recruitment is considered to be one of the most crucial aspects for companies as they will be able to hire new people who could prove to be productive and beneficial enough to grow the companies. There are various tests which are conducted by the companies online which have become a modern part of interviews and assessments. There are some series of questions that are asked and the applicant is required to submit the answers within a limited time frame. Earlier the applicant was required to submit a CV and his/her qualifications through courier and then the company decided for an interview. But now, the company has adopted a new method of psychometric evaluation which determines whether the candidate is suitable for a job or not.

These tests are created through various software that involves extensive research through the candidate. Based on the answers given by them and within the time limits, the software helps to determine the aptitude as well as the character of the candidate. Recent statistics have concluded that determining the candidate suitable for a job through interviews has become a poor way. Rather, these tests are a combination of interviews and assessments and that too with limited costs and period.

There has been a strong correlation between these tests as well as performance in the job. Many people have concluded that applicants who perform well in these tests are the ones who would perform well in the job. Also, whether the person is suitable for a job or not is determined quickly through the software just through these tests by which a large number of applicants are selected from every corner of the country. Following are some of the major benefits which have resulted to adopt such practices:

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  • Quick and efficient: These tests are really quick and efficient enough to determine the right person for a job. Earlier, applications were invited only from a limited area and consumed a lot of time but now since the process has become much faster so the applications are invited from the whole country.
  • Accuracy: These tests have been accurate enough to get a productive and efficient person for the job.
  • Reduced Cost: A lot of costs were earlier involved while doing the interview process but there has been a fall in cost so incurred by adapting to such policies.
  • Rise in efficiency: These tests conclude and analyze the data as early as possible which has made it a much more efficient process.
  • Growth of the firm: The ultimate goal of the firm which is growth is fulfilled because they get the right person for a job that is productive enough to bring a change in profits of the company.

A particular procedure is required to be followed under these tests.

  • Firstly, the person is required to send its mandatory information which includes name, contact, and address proof along with necessary documents as demanded over the company’s website.
  • After generation and verification of documents, a unique PIN and username are sent to the applicant with a test slot.
  • The applicant is required to give the test in that particular time frame and accordingly wait for the results. The method of psychometric evaluations completely done by this software automatically.
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This scoring is based upon the number of questions so answered correctly concerning the total number of questions. The score will be further compared to other applicants during the test and even past candidates who applied for the same role. There is a specific criterion that is set by the company according to which the applicant is selected. If the applicant has scored above that criteria then he/she will be invited for an interview. This can even take place on a phone call or face to face which could go for as long as 45 minutes. Certain scenario-based exercise and case studies are provided to applicants and if the criteria and performance are according to expectations then the person is selected for the job.

There are some of the useful tips which are provided to these applicants on various websites which if followed could help them to get a good score in these tests.

  • Firstly, the applicant is advised to give a few mock tests and carefully examine the mistakes incurred by them.
  • Getting in a good physical as well as mental shape is also advised.
  • Proper planning regarding time devoted to each section is also a strategy that helps them to score big. Being truthful and transparent during these tests is always advisable.
  • It is pertinent to mention that the applicant never passes or fails these psychometric tests. However, it is the criteria which is set by the recruiter to identify the strength and weaknesses of the individuals and whether they meet the requirements or not.
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Many companies provide the applicants with demo trials where the interviewer could take such tests before sitting for the final examination. Many websites have also provided free mock tests and they advise their applicants on the areas which require improvement. But such services do come with a subscription pack that is required to be purchased. The people on the internet would then further guide the interviewer on regard to how he/she could improve their marks.

A whole set of preparation with many tests is done under the websites which have made it a more reliable and trustworthy method to conduct tests for the candidate. Conduction of tests online is considered to be one of the most unbiased and most reliable methods in determining the performance of an individual. A standard method of assessment is considered when companies consider such tests. The companies developing this software have a specific column in regard to blogs that provide information about the clients who have used these procedures.

Psychometric tests have eased the work so done by the companies as the results of interviews took a lot of time to decide for the right individual for the job. These tests have not only reduced the time but also the cost which was incurred in following up such procedures:-

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