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What Are The Most Popular MMORPG Games In 2024?

The world of MMORPG games is much larger than many believe. There are so many that you can check out right now and although they are really similar at first glance, the truth is that they are very different when you look closer. In reality, we are looking at numerous possible differences so it should not be a surprise to see that some are much more popular than others. 

Below we will talk about the MMORPG games that are the most popular right now if you want to choose one to try in 2024. 

World Of Warcraft

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Although the game is over 10 years old, it is still the most popular of all the MMORPG games you can play right now. Over the years, the game did end up changing a lot. It brought in a huge graphic overhaul, new continents, races, and classes. You now have access to a WOW raid boost like on this site and the game is simply huge. 

What makes it so special is that there are countless really small things that were very well done. This is especially the case when referring to the quests you can experience. 

There are times when the MMO looks traditional but this is not a surprise since we are talking about the game that practically defined what an MMORPG should be like. Choose between the Alliance or the Horde and start interacting with millions of people from around the world. 


When Rift appeared, it started a brand new MMO wave in the industry. It did prove to be a really resilient game that withstood the test of time. The original strengths the game had still exist. This includes spontaneous events with countless players fighting against invasions and the customizable class system. However, Rift did change into a better game by making changes. It is often updated and features seasonal events, among other additions. 

Blade & Soul

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This Korean MMORPG has a fantasy martial arts theme. This is enough to be interesting for many but we have to highlight the highly intricate world design as something that is often mentioned as a huge plus. It has unique races and many classes that will draw you in. 

In the came you can choose the very versatile Jin, the mighty fighter Gon, the mystical Lyn, or the natural power master Yun. Then, you get thrown into huge combo chains and fast encounters. You can team up with your friends to move into numerous dungeons or you can start a PvP career. No matter the case, it is a certainty you will need to learn a lot about it before you master it because of how different it is. 


We can say ArcheAge is traditional as an MMO. It features factions, a story you will most likely forget, and countless quests. However, what makes the MMORPG special is when you start a sea experience. This is because the ocean is simply huge. It actually takes up to one hour to ship from west to east and you can encounter many dangers like pirates, sea creatures, whirlpools, and storms. You can even meet a Kraken that can only be taken down by a full raid with over 40 players. 

ArcheAge is available as a free experience but there is an interesting premium subscription that should be considered because of the various perks you get, like the fact that you get to own some land. There, you can build anything you want. 

If the open seas is a theme you want to try out, ArcheAge is definitely what you have to consider. 

Guild Wars 2

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Guild Wars 2 was often mentioned as being the opposite of World Of Warcraft. It has a design that tries to improve on the less-stellar mechanics we see in many MMORPGs and this is why it is so popular right now. 

You can play many regular quests and there are some small storylines that actually change based on how you do while you do them. 

In Guild Wars 2, gamers end up organically working together. This can have an impact on the entire region, like stopping roving monsters. At the same time, the end game content keeps evolving so you will not get bored. 

Albion Online

This is an MMORPG where you can just craft, relax, and sit back, all while you tend to a farm. However, the game is PVP right from the start and there is a full-loot drop system in place. Because of this, you have to be really patient and tactical or you can end up losing a lot. The game requires a lot of perseverance in order to succeed so it can be considered as being much more challenging than others on the list. 


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For many MMORPG enthusiasts, this is a game that should not work. Its theme is based on D&D, including spells, abilities, classes, and places included in the popular tabletop game. This should not really be successful in an online environment. In part, the success is attributed exactly to the original D&D, which is properly shown inside it. 

In Neverwinter, there are many expansions that include new classes and races when compared to the original. You thus end up going right through the original story and can experience the lands that were originally presented in Icewind Dale. 


Last but not least, Skyforge is a very good game because of the fact that it combines a perfect early game, a very beautiful world, and a completely unique class system. In this game, experimentation is actually rewarded, just like personal exploration is. After you unlock a class, you can select it so your playstyle dramatically changes. You do not have to go through days of leveling before you can do this. Also, the gameworld is an interesting mix of weird SciFi and fantasy. 

Speaking about the early game, it is interesting and varied. You can do many tasks and there are many rewards you can receive so you get to pick your gameplay style. You will often end up faced with solo instances with a linear story and then open zones that encourage you to team with others.

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