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5 Best Ways and Methods for Gearing Up in WoW Shadowlands

If you have been following the latest trends of the video game industry, you know that RPG is a genre that has certainly made a comeback. One specific sub-genre, if we can say like that, is turn-based combat RPGs, like Wasteland 3. Just take a look at all the titles released in the last couple of years, you will certainly see that we are right when we say that.

However, there is one title that hasn’t experienced a drop in popularity. Naturally, we are talking about World of Warcraft. Even though we are talking about an MMORPG, it certainly fits the profile we are most interested in. When you take a look at the long history of this franchise, you will see that it has gone through a lot. Still, different from many other franchises out there, things were mainly positive.

But the most important thing is that there are a couple of expansion packs that followed the first entry. That alone should provide you with an idea about how popular it still is. Yet, many people haven’t played any of them previously. For that reason, we would like to provide you, our readers, with a couple of methods you can gear up quickly in the latest entry, World of Warcraft: Shadowlands.

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1. Story Quests

Naturally, the most obvious way to get some powerful gear is to complete all the story quests. Even though many people this is just a multiplayer game that doesn’t have too much of a story behind it, we are talking about an RPG, after all. Through these missions, you will have a chance to unlock a lot of systems along the way, and get gear that will follow the growth of your character.

It is important to know that the gear players come across will not be the same for everyone. Therefore, those who are lucky enough to find some special pieces can make the most out of it. In situations where you are not able to come across some of these, don’t be afraid. You will certainly come across these at some point. The whole point is not to give up on playing this game. It will be much easier over time.

2. Side Quests

Besides the quests that follow the main story, some others would be best described as side quests. We cannot stress enough how important it is to complete as much of them as possible. Not only that your character will get an essential experience for further growth, but you will also have a chance to find items that will provide you with a serious advantage over your enemies.

Thankfully, we can see that these side quests will provide you with information about what you can expect as a reward for completing them. Naturally, you cannot expect to see all the specifics. However, you can see whether you will get some pieces of gear or just some gold. In some situations, you will get both of these. When you’re aware of all these factors, it is quite easy to see why should you complete them.

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3. Dungeons

Even though previous entries on this list of ours are significant, we would like to say that the most powerful items will be obtained during raiding dungeons. What needs to be said is that your character needs to be of a certain level before it is competent enough to enter them and reap all the benefits. Many make the mistake of believing that all of them can be overcome easily, but that’s not the case.

Thankfully, there is some sort of classifications between these. For example, if your character is powerful enough, you should partake in raiding heroic dungeons. Within these, you will find some exceptional gear. Chances are that you will use some of these pieces for the rest of the gameplay. Naturally, you can always find something more powerful, but there is certainly a possibility.

4. Crafted Items

Making your items is not something you should overlook. We know that crafting is not a particularly important factor in a vast majority of similar games. However, in WoW: Shadowlands, you will see that this can play a crucial role, especially if you play your cards right. When we say that, we mean that you need to build your character to a level where it is competent to craft these.

It is much easier to say it than to do it. For example, you will need to be at a pretty high level to make something significant. Let’s say you want to make a plate armor that can sustain a lot of damage, your character will need to be above 150 level. Below that, these pieces will not be as effective as you want them to be. In that situation, you can purchase these and sell them for gold, which is a good option.

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5. Purchasing Boosts

Finally, we would like to discuss a factor that doesn’t have any ties with gearing up but only at a first glance. We are talking about boosts. Just think about it, when you require having a certain piece to win in a battle, and you are not of a level needed to carry it, buying a boost can provide that additional value to your side. Many would say that this is like an instant solution to some challenges.

Because of that, many are not sure whether using them will ruin their overall experience. We don’t think this is the case. Think about how many times you were in a position where you couldn’t win in a battle so much that it became too stressful for you. In situations like this, purchasing a boost is an ideal thing to help you. If you want to take a look at some of these, visit


Those who are about to play WoW for the first time will certainly need some help. Here, you can take a look at a couple of ways you can gear up your character much faster. Be sure to check them out.

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