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Essential Oils – Benefits of the Alternative Medicine in 2024

Essential oil is a volatile essence extracted from aromatic plants by steam distillation. It is a fragrant substance produced by certain plants, spices, or oleoresins. We use blooming cups (lavender, rosemary, rose …), tea tree leaves, eucalyptus …), seeds or fruits (anise, fennel, lemon, orange …), roots (vetiver, angelica), the wood (cedar, sandalwood …), rhizome (ginger, turmeric …), bark (cinnamon tree …) or resin (incense, myrrh …). Anything that can be removed as a liquid. Although called “oils”, these substances do not contain fatty substances.

In the case of Palo Santo essential oil, it is obtained by extracting the branches and trees of Palo Santo that have died naturally. The lifespan of a Palo Santo tree is 30 to 40 years, once this sacred tree dies it must remain at rest in the forest for at least 2 to 4 more years, this is the only way for Palo Santo manifests its healing properties and we can take advantage of them.

Not a lot of people fully understand the benefits of this oil, but, that’s why we are here.

The plant kingdom has several hundred thousand species and 4,000 of them make aromatic essences; of which only a few hundred in sufficient quantity to be able to extract them. Today, extraction is carried out mainly according to these processes:

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  • Cold mechanical pressure or enfleurage technique, for the zest of citrus fruits such as orange or lemon;
  • Extraction by chemical solvent or alcohol, including carbon dioxide CO2, especially for fragile flowers;
  • Distillation by steam distillation (invented in the 11th century). It is the most used today and the most
  • Animal greases for concrete or balms: widely used in Grasse, for flowers and roses.

The products obtained are essential oils, or absolute, or floral waters, whose concentration of essential oils is lower and which can only be kept for one year. The conservation of essential oils is legally authorized for 5 years. We can expect to keep them for up to 10 years without altering their properties or even depending on their storage conditions (away from heat, between 5 ° C and 40 ° C) and light. hermetic closure of the bottle ..). Citrus essences can only be kept for 3 years. The essential oil can contain up to several hundred types of molecules, each with specific properties (antiseptic, bactericidal, immunostimulatory, decongestant, soothing, antispasmodic, stimulant, anti-inflammatory, etc.)

The use of essential oils

Essential oils can be used internally, externally or in the air (also known as olfactotherapy) but with the necessary precautions because they are very powerful active molecules.

Essential oils internally

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Essential oils are sometimes irritating to mucous membranes, usually mixed with a little vegetable oil (preferably organic), honey or breadcrumbs because they are not diluted in water. In pharmacies, you can buy prepared oleocápsula preparations (with a base of vegetable oil and gastro-resistant capsules), as well as preparations in capsules and suppositories or ovules that will be made at your request thanks to a prescription.

Externally essential oils

Oil can diffuse into the body through the skin; It is mixed with a vegetable massage oil (preferably organic) or with a wax, ointment, cream, or body milk.

By air: essential oils in diffusion

The essential oil diffused in the air by a diffuser is absorbed by the respiratory tract and reaches the brain through the olfactory bulb, where the psycho-emotional therapeutic action is found; There are several modes of distribution:

  • Glassblower diffusers allow the oils to mist and diffuse in a fairly large space; it is the most efficient method for therapeutic use by air;
  • Ventilated diffuser. Good for large rooms/workshops/groups, because it spreads quickly. Few therapeutic effects
  • Porcelain diffusers by electric diffusion provide a diffusion of soft essential Suitable for small room volumes.
  • Multifunction diffusers (humidifier / ionizer / color change). There is no real therapeutic efficacy other than hydration for
  • Fans (in-home and car ventilation systems, for example) are effective unless the filters obstruct the broadcast
  • The passive method (porous ceramic) allows only low evaporation, without the particles being able to really act on the air quality; The purpose of this method is quite
  • The heat (terracotta or brass ring in a lamp or candle) diffuses the perfume, but it runs the risk of destroying the therapeutic properties of essential oils by heating them; Attention, it is often sold with synthetic oil, which burns. Diffusion in tealight candle perfume burners can be potentially dangerous with fire hazards because water evaporates in less than 2

Employment precautions

Essential oils are highly concentrated in active chemicals, and therefore can present certain hazards. Therefore, it is essential to handle it with care, especially for children under 10 years old and potentially fragile adults (pregnant or lactating women, the elderly, epileptics, asthmatics, etc.) and to be accompanied by a health professional in charge. use.

Reduces stress and anxiety and improves sleep and depression

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Therefore, within alternative medicines, they use the components of essential oils as active components that can modify the mood, cognitive functions of people and that essential oils have real therapeutic potential.

Palo Santo Essentials and lavender essentials act as a mild relaxant and promote sleep. In fact, these essential oils have a very pleasant aroma that aromatherapy experts say that smelling these essential oils has a beneficial effect in reducing anxiety in the short term.

Since then, other randomized clinical studies have evaluated the effectiveness of aromatherapy in reducing anxiety and improving the mood of people hospitalized or suffering from significant stress. Their conclusions point in the same direction.

In addition to reducing stress and restoring sleep, the essential oil of Palo Santo can help reduce flu symptoms, cough and allergy, since it has a large amount of limonene, a terpene typical of this sacred tree that acts as a strong antiseptic agent, Antifugal, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, it is a very complete oil. Did you know these facts about essential oils? For more information about Palo Santo oil visit >> EcuadorianHands

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