Things that every electrician needs to have

Things that every electrician needs to have

If you are a jack of all trades meaning you possess a number of different skills, and are considering becoming an electrician, you should keep reading this text. There are a number of courses you can sign up for where you will learn everything you have to know regarding this profession. We are going to tell you about some basic pieces of equipment that electricians use in their line of work.

Firstly, we are going to discuss the pliers. There are many different types and pliers, and yes, you will need them all and you will use them all.

  • Pump pliers – you will encounter countless springs, nuts, bolts or clips that have to be loosened up, and that’s when this tool comes in handy
  • Side (or Lineman’s) and diagonal cutters – the former ones are convenient for twisting, bending and cutting wires, while the latter ones are created only for cutting them
  • Long Nose Pliers are designed for grabbing cables that are hardly accessible
  • Wire strippers – as you can imagine, electricians use them to strip the insulation from wires

There are many kinds of screwdrivers that electricians use such as a square tip or stubby screwdrivers. If you don’t want to carry a large number of these in your toolbox, you can opt for an adaptable screwdriver with interchangeable bits.


Other smaller items that you should get are measuring tape (the ones with magnetic tips are easier to use), a level, hammer and other essentials such as rubber grommets that protect cables when they need to be pulled through a drilled hole. If you want to learn more about a variety of these grommets, check this.

Electricians also use power tools, right? The first on our list is an electrical drill. You should invest in cordless one because you will use it constantly and move it frequently. In addition to a power drill, you will obviously need a set of drill bits. A device that is absolutely necessary in your toolbox is a voltage tester. This instrument will show if outlets are active after having turned off the power, and you have to use it before starting your work, it the matter of your own safety.

Insulated gloves
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The last thing we are going to discuss is the gear that will guarantee your safety. As you know, this work brings many risks, so you have to protect yourself and you can do that with the following pieces of equipment.

  • Insulated gloves will protect you from electrocution. When purchasing these you have to find a perfect pair because they have to fit you and allow you to perform the work without any trouble
  • Cut resistant gloves will shield you from numerous cuts and nick that may occur
  • Flame resistant clothing will guard your whole body against sparks and potential fire and injuries
  • Safety glasses are an important part of your work gear because they will protect your eyes and sight from electric arcs that appear during your work

All in all, these are some basic instrument that you will need. Some you will use on an everyday basis, others not so often, but it is always a good idea to be equipped.

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