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What is a Casino Reload Bonus

If you are a new player, unfamiliar with casino customs, you must be wondering what is a casino reload bonus? Luckily you have us, and we’ll dedicate a couple of lines to this subject in an effort to provide you with the best answer. This bonus is, as its name suggests – a bonus from casino to you. But, this is not an ordinary one. This particular bonus is intended for players who already made a deposit to a casino. Not all reload bonuses are the same, as casinos look to make them available to players in moments that would make their betting experience better.

Having a bonus in a casino is nothing new, and casinos have been applying them for a long time, since their inception. If you take a welcome gift, for example, its intention is to attract new players and to show them what’s the casino is like. Moving on and you have VIP bonuses that are aimed at loyal players to keep them happy and to demonstrate the commitment that a casino has for them due to their loyalty. All of them are great, but in this article, we’re going to focus on the one from our title: how it works, rules surrounding it, and casinos that offer the best conditions in using it.

What is a reload bonus?

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To make it as simple as we can, it is a reward intended for those people who are already players at a named casino. What this means is that they need to have made a deposit or more of them already. Welcome bonuses are rewarded for new players. Once you become a regular player who doesn’t play on a welcoming reward but uses his own money, you’re already in line for a reload bonus. This is something you can conclude from the given name, as once your account is loaded once, you get rewarded with a reload. digs deep into this subject, so you can also see their explanation if you’re not satisfied with ours. But, in the end, it all comes down to the same: yes, casinos are prepared to give you free money on two separate occasions. In some cases, it could come even more often.

Now, this reward can have different shapes. In most cases, it consists of bonuses casinos already have installed so that you won’t get real money, but rater free spins, chips, loyalty points, and in some cases, even cashback or something similar. Of course, there’s a chance that it’s none of the above, as casinos love to get innovative. New players can get particularly surprised. This is why we’ll try to explain everything that this reward can bring your way. You can check out some of these on

Reload bonus in a welcome offer

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This is something that’s familiar to all players that even only gave a thought of gambling in an online casino. Welcome bundles or packages are something that’s almost a tradition in casinos. Rare are those who do not offer them. It consists of a bonus that lies down on your account with your first payment, and the one after that. So, you get bonus-ed twice. A welcome bonus is what you get with the first payment, and it happens only once. But, in the case of packages, you can get a gift with first, second, and even third payment. A genuinely fascinating custom. How in the world do casinos earn money, after so much giving away? Joking aside, we all know the answer. Anyway, this is why we call it a package; it has more elements. There are casinos that offer bonuses with every deposit you make. Check this site.

This brings us to the reload bonuses. If you are following us attentively, then you already know that we mentioned them in the passage above, as everything after the first deposit can be considered a reload bonus. The reason is simple, your payments got reloaded, and it fits the definition.

Standalone reload bonus

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Some casinos offer this reward to players regardless of their repeating deposit. It’s aimed for players who are returning to the game after being absent for a while, in order to make them more eager to play. This is a developed system, and in accordance with this, some casinos offer to reload bonuses in coincidence with days, weeks, months, in amounts they already pre-set. This is one of the reasons players remain focused and attentive with their respected casinos. Casinos are known for their creativity, which is a trait they need to possess in order to stay competitive. It also serves the players as they can have more funds at their disposal while playing.

Important to note

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If you are relatively new to casinos and their rewards, you should know that they do not come without boundaries. Each casino has a set of rules surrounding the funds they provide to your free of charge. If you are an Internet user even for a day, you’ll encounter at least one terms&conditions form. Casinos have them, and they also regulate deposits, welcome, and reload bonuses. This is why you need to get familiar with t&a as they differ from casino to casino.

If you look at wagering requirements, for example, they do not apply the same for welcoming and reload bonuses. You need to know what refers to what, to avoid any misunderstandings. There’s also a date set on the time when you can spend each bonus, and they can also be different. If you have dug deep into terms&conditions of any casino, you probably noticed that they keep the explanation separated for a welcome and reload bonuses.


So if you are in for a portion of good old gambling after taking a break or are eager to continue with a second deposit, you’re in for a treat. If these rewards are what you love about online casinos, be sure to choose the one that offers reload bonuses on a more frequent basis. To be sure that you are selecting the right one, be sure to read terms and conditions carefully to avoid confusion later.

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