Tamil Music Deserves a Wider Audience

Tamil Music Deserves a Wider Audience

It is hard to agree with someone when it comes to music taste, but sometimes that can be quite easy as well. There is a saying that you should not argue about different tastes, which we can agree. But on the other hand, not allowing yourself and many people around the globe to experience new, exciting, refreshing sounds is limiting to start with, right?

The fact is that an open mind allows you to have a broader picture in any segment of interest there is sports, profession, music, etc. If you accept this, then the rest will fall into place and seem quite reasonable to everyone. Some parts of the world still hide their musical treasure in a way like their national gem, but those who offer their “music treasure” the majority of people tend to overlook as is the case with Tamil music.

Represented in South India, Tamil music brings the history and modern age together in a combination of unique sound familiar in India and South Asia. The similar bounding fact remains from the early 1930th and today that this music is associated with movies made in India. To cut a long story short, the focus of the cinema and people who came to see the film switched attention more to singing than on the looks and the acting abilities of the performers. If you consider that Tamil music is highly favored to over 80 million people all over the world, why haven’t I heard it already? The silly thing is that we all have had a bit of taste from it. The modern technologies have offered us the chance to listen to it whether in playlist mode or to entertain us via movie where there is still much to offer from the “guru love music” of South Asia.  You can see more on Tamildada.

Tamil Music Deserves a Wider Audience
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With the connection the Tamil music has with the Carnatic music it is easier to understand the deep emotive tones it poses. Through history, the mentioned music spoke about love, war, and stories. But today the sound has evolved in the lyrics of authors able to express themselves through unique tones, a specific sound, that is attractive to anyone without knowing the language. This is the new “chill out version” to come in the world of music, according to the experts. They are basically a language treasure represented in the Tamil wave to flow in any direction of the globe.

Tamil Music Deserves a Wider Audience
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Whether you opt to see a movie like 100% Kadhal, Maari 2, Kalakalappu 2, and Sandakozhi 2, you will be slowly drowned into the Tamil sound which will after represent a joy to listen.

With only scratching the surface of the topic, this is a sound which deserves a chance to impress. Are you going to open your doors to new experience, bits, and emotions in the lyrics that you may have even felt once and can relive again?  We suggest giving your mind the freedom to evolve with the music to lead the way and take a break from the Western sounds we are all exposed to daily.

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