Angel Number and Numerology: What Is the Difference?

People worldwide are always interested in numbers and perceive them as something mystical. They might explain and describe everything around us and what is happening inside us. The word ‘numerology’ began to be used only in the last century, but it is an ancient concept with many supporters nowadays. Read on to learn all about the meaning of angel numbers, how to recognize the signs of fate, and use them on With the help of this blog, you will see that the angels communicate with us

The Number Is the Beginning of Everything


The modern version of Western numerology originates in the 6th century BC and is built on the teachings of Pythagoras about the metaphysics of numbers. The Greek philosopher and mathematician knew all about the power of numbers. His approach united  Arabian, Druidical, Phoenician, and Egyptian mathematical systems with the sciences of human nature. Pythagoras was sure that each number might be given a digit from 1 to 9. By understanding the meaning of it, you can better find out the inner and magic vibrations within yourself.

Meaning of numbers for the Pygaphorians:

  • 1 is the unity and origin of everything;
  • 2 and all even numbers are feminine;
  • 3 and all odd numbers are masculine;
  • 5 (2 + 3) is marriage, continuation of life;
  • 4 is justice;
  • 10 (1 + 2 + 3 + 4) is perfection, unity among multiplicity.

Pythagoras noted that “numbers rule the universe,” and numerologists for centuries only confirmed it. Then, proponents of numerical mysticism adopted his ideas and developed them into an extensive system of symbols and interpretations. Today, numerology is an esoteric practice that lets you find out a person’s character and gain a forecast according to the date of birth.
Proving the existence of mystical connections between a person’s life and numbers, numerologists talk about coincidences that are hard to explain otherwise. Note that numerology doesn’t have any scientific confirmation. However, this does not prevent millions of people worldwide from turning to numerologists to look for alternative information about themselves and their destinies.

According to traditional numerology, almost all numbers are reduced to a single digit. It is worth remembering the exclusions: 11, 22, 33, and the birth number.

For example, you have the number 2099. Your following steps are:

  1. Add 2, 0, 9, and 9 (2+0+9+9=20);
  2. Add 2 and 0 (2+0=2);
  3. Look for the meaning of 2;
  4. Decode it according to the context.

Angel Number: What Is It?


Angelic numerology, developed not so long ago by the American psychologist Doreen Virtue, is popular today. She says guardian angels can send us certain signs we see in numbers, letters, and symbols. In such a way, they seek to take care of us and convey messages with words of support, recommendations, or warning. You can believe these messages are coming from any other force you matter, whether it’s the universe, your angel, god, or something else.

For example, the day before yesterday you bought a dress that cost $12.30, yesterday you received a long-awaited letter at 12.30, and today you rented a car with the number 1230. Coincidence? Perhaps, but followers of Dorren Virtue assure us it is messages from higher powers.

The difference between classic and angelic numerology lies not only in the origin of the numbers. Numerologists rely on one digit in their interpretations. For example, 5 or 8. In comparison, angel numbers are mostly a series of numbers like 111 or 5544. Each combination has its interpretation, depending on the meaning of each digit, what is the next one, and the number of digits. The more digits in the combination, the more powerful it is.

Angel numbers can be compared to the horoscope, compiled not just for your zodiac sign but for you personally. By and large, both the angels and the stars have a better view of what is going on below, so they can kindly warn us of what they think is most important. Not everyone who reads horoscopes believes in them to the last letter because astrology is the art of interpretation. However, it is always engaging because it can emphasize something we ignore and lead us to completely different steps not discussed in the message from the stars. It seems that angel numbers can work similarly.

Combinations of Angel Numbers


As we said, in angelic numerology, not only are individual numbers significant but also their various combinations. For example, in the number 122, the main emphasis is on 22, but 1 is worth paying attention to.

Some types of combinations of numbers:

  1. Double numbers

For example, 00.00 means fulfilling a wish, 11.11 warns against betrayal, and 22.22 hints that your relationship has exhausted itself.

  1. Consecutive numbers

Such pairs have many interpretations. For example, 08.08 might mean a promotion, and 09.09 a loss of money. 21.21 symbolizes future travels, and 16.16 reminds you that you must meet an old friend.

  1. Mirror numbers

Keep seeing 15.5; you might expect a new helpful acquaintance. But instead, 20.02 warns of a conflict with the boss.

Bottom Line


Many of us today may need anchor points, invisible guides who may point out our true desires, point out the right path, comfort us in times of trouble, or inspire us to change our lives for the better. Like other prediction methods, numerology lets you better know yourself and the world around you. It doesn’t matter if the numbers come from your personal information or are just kept repeatedly seen wherever you are. All that counts is your perception and use of this information. Silent numbers can best serve as carriers of secret knowledge intended for you.

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