5 Reason Why You Should Have Multiple Crypto Wallets

It is a huge trend to trade with this type of digital assets in recent years. Even though there are some serious ups and downs seen, there are still a lot of people interested in investing in this area. According to many experts, it is a matter of time when crypto will become a standard payment option. However, that is not the main reason why a lot of people are interested in investing here.

The reason is mostly related to the fact that a lot of these digital assets have a huge potential to get much more valuable over time. There are thousands of different options available, which is allowing people to be more flexible with their investments. If you are interested to start trading with BTC, ETH, and many other crypto, the first thing to do is to choose a reliable platform like

The first step before you start buying and selling these assets on the market is to learn more about security. Unfortunately, even some of the most popular platforms where victims of hacker attacks. You can prevent that by keeping your devices safe and using the right model for keeping your crypto. That is the main reason to have a good digital wallet. A lot of people choose to have multiple wallets at once, and here are the main reasons why that is the best solution.

1.      Flexibility


There are two models of digital wallets that you can use, offline and on-platform. The second one is offering a much higher convenience since you can simply enter the website, get to your profile, and choose the type of crypto you want to add to it or sell. However, there is an issue with this option, which is related to risks of cyber-attacks.

On the other side, it can be more annoying when you have to attach a hard drive or USB each time when you want to be active on the market, but using the offline wallet is the safest way to keep your assets outside of reach of hackers.

There is a way to reach a much higher flexibility as well, which is a solution where you will use both of these options. The key is to keep smaller amounts of crypto on your platform, while most of it will be held in the offline storage. You can use the online model to make some fast actions like buying or converting, while most of your assets are safe.

2.      Testing Different Platforms


It is crucial to check the reviews and see whether a platform is licensed and legit before you start spending your money there or keeping the crypto online. Even connecting your main wallet only once can lead to issues if the platform is not secured.

In that matter, a much better approach will be to use an alternative wallet where you will keep small amount of crypto, and then link it to the platform to test it and see whether it is safe and reliable. Moreover, there could be some hidden fees and additional expenses you weren’t aware of from the start, which is also the reason to use an alternative wallet.

3.      Improved Control of Your Assets


There are two aspects of control you have to be aware of. The first one is related to safety. You can lose your wallet, or get malicious files on it. Therefore, having back-up storage that represents a full copy is an excellent solution.

For example, losing the USB where you keep crypto that is worth tens of thousands or even more can be a huge problem. You won’t be able to recover that amount unless you find it. On the other side, when you have multiple options where you will spread the value, you can be much safer.

It can be a great way to focus on your actions and never make rush decisions. For instance, you will use only one of them for trading. Before you want to make an action, you will have to transfer the certain amount from your safe option to one that you are connecting to online platforms. That will keep you safe from any sort of cyber-attacks.

4.      Increased Efficiency

People can easily get lost with their actions on this market. The problem is when they keep a lot of different types of digital assets, which can be difficult to follow. That is especially the case with people who are looking to be more flexible and trade with underdogs along with the most popular options.

A much better approach is to use several wallets and determine the purpose of each one. For example, you will have the main one where you will keep a higher amount of crypto that you are keeping while waiting to get a higher value. On the other side, you can use another one with options that are not so valuable, but have a great potential. It is common for these options to be highly volatile, and frequent trading is the best way to make a profit with them.

5.      To Gain More Experience


There is no reason to rush with your investments. Even though it is highly popular, a lot of people are making the same mistake where they start investing a lot from the start without learning more about different features and factors that can affect the value and stability of some options.

Also, following the changes on the market is complex, and that can require frequent actions. If you are not sure how to make the right choice with some investments and sales, the best model is to use an alternative model and play around with smaller values until you learn more about various features and requirements.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, the main reasons to never go with only one wallet are related to safety and flexibility. The best model is to have cold storage where you can keep your crypto safe, and use an additional online platform where you can gain more experience and reach the convenience.

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