What Is the Most Advanced and Accurate Technology to Determine Parentage

Paternity tests are among the most common exams done for legal scenarios. They prove whether a person is biologically related to the child. However, with many different tests, it might be hard for you to understand what is the best option.

Luckily, there are various places where these tests can be done. Starting from kits bought at pharmacies that can be done at home to more advanced tests done in clinics. You need to know that all of the examples are being sent to laboratories for examination.

If you are looking to get tested, you are surely wondering what is the most advanced and accurate technology. To make things clearer for you, we have made this article explaining the technology, and all the other things you have to know.

What is the best testing method


The best testing method for determining the parenthood of a person is by using DNA profiling. Every person takes twenty-three chromosomes from each parent. By comparing the samples from the participants, they must correlate in every marker to be sure about their relationship.

However, it is not rare to find mutations, so that is being taken into consideration by genetics. For that reason, it’s important to examine the whole DNA profile and see whether the participants contain the same genes.

Besides determining fatherhood, these tests are used for maternity tests as well. However, these tests are rarer since the mother is giving birth to the child.

What cannot be determined

Since this is a specific test done for a specific purpose, you cannot use it for determining other genetically related things. For example, you cannot determine the race or age of the examinants.

The same goes for uncovering whether your genes carry a higher cancer risk, as it requires a more advanced assessment test like what they offer at geneType.

In addition, ancestry tests are done differently, where their general genes go into comparison to genes of an ethnic group. That is why they cannot be determined by using a paternity test where the samples from two individuals are being compared.

How to collect the samples


The DNA is acquired through the buccal mucosa. There are four swabs for every person and they all need to be firmly rolled across the inner portion of the cheeks to gain the DNA material. The parent takes the material from the kid as well.

After taking the material, the swabs are placed in special papers to prevent cross-contamination through mold while they are being transported to the lab. In case the swabs are being wetter than needed, move them rapidly in the air to dry them off a little bit.

Sometimes, blood may be needed to get this test finished. There are no differences in the DNA acquired from the buccal mucosa and the one from the blood.

How is the test done

The DNA material that has been previously acquired has to be examined precisely. When it arrives in the lab, the DNA is elongated and amplified to gain enough material for the analysis. The minimum criteria are sixteen genetic markers that are analyzed using STR technology.

The information from this testing is compared between the samples from each participant. With further calculation, the geneticist determines the probability of the person being a father.

Where can you do this test


As we mentioned above, the test can be done either at home or at a hospital. For home testing, you have to order kits from the laboratory or purchase them at the pharmacy. If you plan on buying the kit from the pharmacy, you have to pay for the swabs and pay for the laboratory later as well.

Make sure you get tested in eminent institutes because that is the only way to ensure the accuracy of the results. For that reason, research the best place that you can visit, and see their reviews to gain more information.

When you finish taking the materials, you fill out an online questionnaire with all the important information and you mark the samples. Transport the swabs to the laboratory, or have them professionally shipped. When the test finishes, you will receive the results either through your postal service or through their site.

If you are looking to make this test for legal reasons, it can be only done in hospitals. There you will have to give your ID, and answer all the needed questions. Since it is a legal document, it has to be appropriately controlled by the hospital staff.

When is the right time to perform the paternity test

There is not a specific time frame when the test has to be performed. Although it is usually done postpartum, these tests can be done while the child is still in the uterus. By gaining intrauterine DNA samples, the test can be done to determine the fatherhood of a person prenatally.

How long until results


After the material arrives in the genetic institute, you can wait approximately two days to get the results. However, under some conditions, the results can be acquired after one day, or even the same they upon arrival. Keep in mind that this might cost you more, so do it only if you are in hurry.

What is the accuracy of these tests

To ensure almost 100% accuracy in these tests, they are always done by two teams simultaneously to prevent mistakes. If both teams come up with the same results, only then the result is being conclusive. Otherwise, the test is repeated.

You can go to CRIGenetics and see every step they take to ensure precision in such a test.

How much do they cost


The cost of these tests is dependent on the country where you stay, and the genetic institute you have chosen.

For tests done using home kits, you can expect a price from a hundred to two hundred dollars. However, if the testing is done for court evidence, they are slightly costlier with a price from three hundred to five hundred dollars.

This is not a situation where you should cheap out, so make sure you go to the most eminent institute.

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