5 Amazing Facts About Orchids

Orchids are one of the favorite flowers among horticulturists. Orchids have been in the world for ages and are truly widespread and diverse. Not only are orchids beautiful to look at but are unique in nature. Get red flowers and avail flowers for my wife services.  With over thousands of varieties and species of orchids, they are truly a gift from nature. You can find a plethora of collection of orchids at floraqueen that you can use to express your different emotions to your loved ones. If you love flowers, these amazing facts about orchids will truly blow your mind.

There are over 25000 species of Orchids

The Orchidea family has over 25000 species of different orchids that have yet been discovered by scientists. However, more of them are being discovered on a regular basis. Scientists are in agreement that there are more species of orchids to be found in the tropical areas and horticulturalists even hybrid species to come up with more species of orchids. With such amazing services,  In fact, the hybridization of flowers has given rise to some of the most popular varieties of orchids which would not have blossomed by themselves in nature. You can send beautiful orchids with flower delivery Israel or flower delivery Russia services.

Orchids have deceptive powers


Orchids can deceive insects into pollinating them. The reproductive organs of these flowers are often in the shape, color, and size of the particular bee or insects that they are meant to attract. This makes them extremely attractive to the insect who comes in and sits on the orchids, instantly transferring pollen onto them. When they mistake another orchid as their mate and sit on them the pollen is transferred.

Orchids are bilaterally symmetrical

Orchids have the same symmetry that is found in human faces. The reason for the widespread popularity and growth of orchids is because human beings fancy them and make an active effort in making them more accessible. Scientist believed that the symmetry of these flowers is what makes them so exciting and popular among humans. These flowers are bilaterally symmetrical which means that if a vertical line is drawn across the flower and the flower is cut along this line, then one side of the flower will be a mirror image of the other. Although it is not virtually understood at all times, this might be the reason for that widespread popularity.

Vanilla is actually a type of orchid


Though this may come as a surprise, the flat-leaved vanilla is actually an orchid. In fact, it is one of the most popular and also widely grown specifies of orchid. Especially in Latin America, this plant is grown all over by horticulturalists for the unique flavor profile.

Fossilized orchid pollen was found on the back of a bee

As of a journal published in 2007, it is stated that fossilized pollen from an ancient orchid plant was found on an Amber. This Fossil pollen was reported to be around 10 to 15 million years old; however, scientists believe that the orchid family is even older. Some scientists of the belief that orchids are over 120 million years old.

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