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House Plants That Take Care of Themselves

Are you a beginner and are planning to have houseplants in your lockdown? During covid pandemic when we spend most of our time indoors it is a good idea to have some indoor plants. Indoor plants add color, vibrancy to the place.

Most people are worried that indoor plants can take much of their time. We bring to you some plants which don’t require much of your time. The house plants will add fresh air to your apartment. They say a good supply of oxygen tends to reduce stress levels in humans. What better than having a plant that can take care of themselves and help in bringing down the stress level of your family members.

These houseplants basically take care of themselves. All you have to do is select plants from the comfort of your house from an online flower delivery service. Moyses Stevens provides a range of houseplants that are perfect for a housewarming gift. These days the UK has seen an increased trend in gifting indoor plants as a lockdown gift. You can choose plants that will need very less of your time and effort, just a little watering everyday.


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Gardenias  are the best indoor plant for several reasons. They  have a great smell like no other plant does. It comes from the coffee plant family. The bright green leaves offer a natural pop to any space in the house and goes along with every color of your house.  They’re easy to care for, making it a huge plus.

Phalaenopsis Moth Orchid

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This Phalaenopsis Orchid – thick leaves elegant Plant has an essence of pure simplicity with its slim stems and dainty white blooms. This is one of the easiest kinds of orchids for growing indoors — it’s even popularly called the “beginner plant” or “beginner orchid.” These Phalaenopsis orchids are used in so many design magazines sitting on coffee tables.

Believe it or not, this Phalaenopsis orchid naturally absorbs carbon dioxide and releases oxygen into the air. Thus providing a supply of huge oxygen for your family indoors. The best pick for lockdown.

Paperwhite Narcissus Inbal

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The delicately scented Paperwhite daffodil with large clusters of pure white flowers adorned with a flat cup is visual treat to eyes.

Within a few weeks, it begins to flower many small white flowers on each stem. Very east to maintain. All it asks is a cool place within your apartment.

This Paperwhite Narcissus Inbal is  scented Paperwhite daffodil with large clusters of pure white flowers adorned with a flat cup. This shape and structure will make you smile everytime you cross these plants. It adds cheer factor to your room.

Flamingo Flower

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The famous Pink Anthurium is a popular choice among indoor plants. Pink anthurium is one of the prettiest tropicals you can grow. With glossy, green, heart-shaped leaves, this Pink Anthurium ($70) is as pretty as can be.

Flowering plant – Lily

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Peace in white! Wouldn’t you say? The main benefit is that lilies purify the air indoors. You can’t give this a miss. What makes them stand out is a delicate white stem and huge number of flowers grown around it.


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This plant has small stems and large flowers. The plant appears like a bouquet in itself. It will brighten up the area.

This plant also produces large flowers. The best part is 2 shades of flower. People planting this flower often said that Amaryllis were their best friends working in a quiet room during lockdown. They uplift the mood, no cost, no maintenance and yet keeps you cheerful by amply of oxygen supply. Yes, this indoor houseplant also increases the oxygen indoors. Thus increasing your productivity.


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The nature is abundant and creative and this Bromeliad adds to the example. A small plant is know for its modern look, bright colors and easier to grow.

Red and Green color blossom the space wherever you place them. It is tall flowers and vibrant color.


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This is a very cute pot. Needs tiny space and adds up a vibrant yellow tone. Flowers all round the year.

Flowering Cacti

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It will add a color to your space and no maintenance needed. Cacti needs ventilated space and sunlight. It doesn’t require you to water often or any special fertilizers. It is available in colors like yellow, pink, bright red. All they require is sunlight.

Chenille Plant

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This plant will add a color to your collection of plants. You can find this flowers in blue, violet, green, and yellow hues

Flowering Maple

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Distinctively shaped Flowering Maple  is a unique way to decor up any room in the house. It grows very well in most soil types and only needs some fertilization in spring before new growth can occur.

The unique thing about Maple plant is you can plant multiple seeds in the same pot. Eventually, you will see flowers of multiple color in the same pot. Maple flower flourishes even when multiple color of maple flowers are planted in a single pot.


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If your house doesnt get enough sunlight, we still have choices of plants for you. Ferns are a bit more dense than the other plants on this list, but they’re a beautiful addition to your low light space.


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Begonia is very huge shaped flower. You don’t want to  miss it.

Christmas Cactus

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You never want to give this a miss!

A very lively pot gives you a company while you are working from home suring covid. Flowers all round the year.  You will never need a centerpiece or changing flowers everyday again!

Red Flamingo Anthurium

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This Red Anthurium adds vibrant color to every corner of the house. Perfect location for this one is bright sunlight. These plants last for the whole year with no maintenance.

Exotic Curly Lipstick Plant

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One of the best looking indoor plants. It also produces bright-red lipstick-shaped flowers during its blooming season. The plant is best placed in a  bright, diffused light area of your house. Start planting indoors if you want to enjoy earlier summer blooms!

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