Interesting Health Benefits of Eating Lobsters

Interesting Health Benefits of Eating Lobsters

Nowadays, eating lobster can be considered as something luxurious as it’s usually on the menu of fine dining restaurants and expensive steakhouses. Because this is the case, it’s hard to imagine how this used to be a common food on the table back in the day.

In the 17th century, specifically in Massachusetts, having lobster served on the table was a sign of poverty. During this time, it was also known to be food for servants too. Clearly, this was not really a delicacy that people would spend money on back then.

It was during the early 2000s that eating lobsters were taken to another level. Cooking it live just made it very appetizing and worth paying for. However, eating it shouldn’t only be seen as a luxury nowadays. Interestingly, eating this food actually, have health benefits too.

Surely, it’s best to eat anything in moderation. Eating too much of this, in general, may be a way for you to acquire bacteria that can be harmful to your health.

Occasionally satisfying your lobster cravings can actually be good for you. Now, here are the health benefits that you can get from eating it.

  • Beneficial fats

Lobsters do not have saturated fats, which you should avoid as it can be bad for your heart’s health. What’s great is that this also has beneficial fats that can prevent inflammation and atherosclerosis or a disease of the heart.

Even if it has fats, you still shouldn’t worry about your cholesterol level rising. This shellfish has a high concentration of omega-3 and omega-6. These are known to keep your cholesterol level balanced.

Interesting Health Benefits of Eating Lobsters

  • Promotes mental health

There are studies that found how omega-3s can decrease aggression and impulsivity. It is also known to help prevent depression in adults and we’ve already established that lobsters are rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

Another component that this food has is selenium which can also be found in tuna, oysters, beef, shrimp, and chicken. A study about ADHD on children has found that lack of selenium can be a contributing factor to the development of this disorder.

  • Cognitive Effects

Other minerals and vitamins found in this food are vitamin B, B12, and choline. These vitamins are known to keep a person’s nervous system properly function. Meanwhile, choline can help increase the production of neurotransmitters.

Such an effect can help decrease the risk of neurodegenerative diseases like Huntington’s, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Basically, choline helps slow down the death of nerve cells and improve the production of new nerve cells in your brain.

  • Anemia

A person becomes anemic if he or she can’t produce enough red blood cells in her body. Anemia can also be the result of red blood cells not functioning properly. The solution to this is to eat foods rich in iron or copper.

Good thing is that lobsters have high copper content. This shellfish can even give you 3% of your daily iron needs.

Interesting Health Benefits of Eating Lobsters
  • Energy Booster and Fat Loss

Just like most seafood, this one is also known to have high protein content. You should know that protein can actually give you energy. This is why people on the low-carb diet are crazy for lobster meat. The amount of protein you can get from this can help reduce the feeling of hunger. It can even help boost your metabolism.

Possible Risks of Eating Lobsters

If you plan on cooking your very own lobster dish, make sure that you get the properly refrigerated ones to make sure that you avoid food-borne illnesses. Make sure that you keep it frozen if you won’t cook it just yet.

The same thing goes for buying cooked dishes. While it’s nice to enjoy such a dish at your favorite restaurant, you can also have it delivered to your home. lets you have your favorite dish delivered to your doorstep. This is very convenient, and you can rest assured that what you’re getting is fresh.

Pregnant women are also advised to avoid food that may have mercury content. Seafood is known to possibly have high mercury content, especially big-sized fish and shellfish. Another thing to keep in mind is that this food is an allergen. If you’re allergic to seafood or some shellfish, then it’s possible that you’re allergic to this too.

Lastly, it’s important to emphasize that excessive consumption on this meat can be toxic to your body because of the toxins and bacteria that it has. If you want to include this in your diet, then keep your consumption to just one cooked lobster a day.

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