Why white hat link building works?

Why white hat link building works?

Guest bloggers are people who do creative writing for other people. Many famous blog owners take help of guest blogging method to increase traffic for their sites. Guest blogging helps bloggers get a link to their own blogs and therefore rank better in Google.

Why White Hat Link Building?

  • White hat guest posting strategies can be done online. This method is used for increasing traffic to a website, making your name popular and also helps in getting backlinks for your own website. This, guest blogging helps both you and your company.
  • If you are tired of sitting at a desk and writing articles for a particular company which also does not provide you with much of an income then guest blogging is the best method for you to increase revenue.

How to be a good Guest Blogger?

First of all, you should be a quality writer to become a good guest blogger. You should write an article free of grammatical errors and your writing should be relevant to the topic.

In this article, we will learn about the benefits of white hat link building and why does that strategy work.

Finding opportunities for White hat links

You should know why you are trying to become a guest blogger. You should be able to establish your goals – what do you want to achieve? Once you are aware of your goals then your next step should be to look for opportunities for posting your articles on a famous blog. You may be able to find many opportunities at social media networks and many other platforms.

  • The best and the common platform to search for an opportunity is Google. You can simply search for websites and blogs which provides guest posting on Google. It will directly take you to the blog or to the post of the blog’s owner. You can also search for guest bloggers who provide information about the websites and blogs on which they do their guest posting.
  • Search for information on backlinks. Do a quick web search on how other guest bloggers get their backlinks. Search and read their old posts. This will definitely help you to find your backlinks.
Why white hat link building works?
source: whitehatlinkbuilding.com

Benefits of Guest Blogging


The main motto is expanding your personal network and building good relationships with famous people and bloggers.

Everyone knows that it is so difficult nowadays to connect to people who can influence us, who can influence the whole community. Guest Blogging will make a link between you and blogger, according to Degions. When you connect to other bloggers then you indirectly connect to their readers.

This will not only increase traffic on your website but also increase your followers on social networking sites and make your blog famous. By building relationships with new people you can also make a community.


As said earlier most of the blogs allow adding a link to their website on their guest posts. This will definitely benefit your SEO once you get a single backlink to your website from an authoritative blog. It will make easy for Google to find your blog.


One of the benefits of guest blogging is that it will increase your sales. At first, you have to wait for people to visit your site but after a guest post, it will be a lot easier for you to advertise your website.

Why white hat link building works?


Guest blogging is also a path on which if followed you can become an expert in your field of interest. When you will be given a chance to write a guest post, then obviously you will try to give your best for which you have to do lots of research work, gain more and more knowledge and many more tasks which ultimately make you an expert in your field. This will obviously target a large number of audiences.


Sometimes it happens that there are a huge number of audiences on your blog but you make very little money. This is because you do not have quality traffic. For this, you have made a very good search of such websites which will give you quality traffic, people who can understand your content.


It is very important what the people reading your blog think about you. Guest blogging will increase people’s trust and credibility on you. This will also encourage writing more content and satisfying your audience.

Why white hat link building works?
source: prepostseo.com

In conclusion, I would say that guest blogging is important for most of the bloggers. It is not only important to a struggling blogger but also for a famous blogger. A struggling blogger will get a backlink and the famous one needs a guest post to maintain his website’s traffic. This is also the reason guest posting works for most of the people.

This strategy encourages a person to write more and more quality content. It improves the skills of many bloggers. Overall it’s a very good platform to showcase your field of interest.

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