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What are the Differences and Similarities Between Clay Tile Roofs and Metal Roofs? 

The best way to learn what kind of roof should be installed in a house is to learn about its pros and cons, installation cost, maintenance, and replacement. All of these can be learned by hiring professionals who will help us walk through all the information to the best of their ability and will address all of our inquiries as well.

Pros and cons of clay tile roofs

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Asphalt roofs are no doubt popular, cost-effective, and fairly common but clay tile roofs are no less beneficial. This type of roof is also commonly installed by many homeowners as it is durable, sustainable as well as aesthetically pleasing. Click here now. Clay tile roofs are quite old and have been used by people for almost twelve thousand years. They can uphold against harsh weather conditions, especially strong winds.

Another one of its advantages is that since it is not made of metal, there will be no expansion or contraction in case of varying external temperatures and seasons. This is the reason that they are often installed in houses that are built-in warmer regions with a humid climate. Furthermore, mold and mildew can’t attack or deteriorate clay tile roofs and they can even last for almost 100 years if we keep them properly maintained.

As for the disadvantages or cons of clay tile roofs, they are not cost-effective and are actually more expensive than other types of roofs. Another factor is its weight because these roofs are very heavy and before installing, it should be checked whether the rest of the structure of the house can bear the extra weight of the roof or not. On the contrary, asphalt roofs are much lighter as compared to clay tile roofs.

Cost of clay tile roofing

If we are looking for an expert who can install a clay tile roof for us, we can hire construction experts. We will get the highest quality of building materials and we can rest assured that professional workers will do all the work efficiently and quickly. We can also get warranties when we are having a new roof installed. Furthermore, the complete expenses of the project, as well as the steps of construction, will be explained to us beforehand. We are free to ask any questions that may arise in our minds regarding the construction work and our project.

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Repairing of clay tile roofs

Broken or loose tiles in a clay tile roof should be repaired as early as possible because if broken things are left unchecked, the problem keeps increasing until it turns into a major issue. Furthermore, our money will be saved because repairing a minor issue right away will cost much less than having to repair a major one or installing a new roof altogether. It is optimal to have our roofs checked right after a heavy hail storm, snowstorm or rainfall. Roof repair contractors will come to our aid right away.

Maintenance of clay tile roof

People may neglect checking their roofs for damages after harsh weather conditions thinking that their roofs will be fine since their material quality is good and the roof type is durable, however, even the most sustainable and the best of things may become damaged if external conditions become severe.

Replacement of clay tile roofs

We may need to replace our roof with a new one in case there have been heavy storms or the roof and its material have reached the end of their life cycle. In both cases, a professional construction worker can help us by inspecting our roof free of cost and then let us know which option will be the best for us depending on the condition of our roof, whether it’s repair or a complete replacement.

Pros and cons of metal roofing

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Metal roofs are durable, cost-effective, and have low maintenance costs as well. Metal roofing is often expensive but it is also worth the expense because it offers many benefits and has unparalleled advantages. It is safe to say that the investment done in metal roofing will be worth it. They do not chip, split or weigh too much and they also last longer than other types of roofs such as asphalt by 2 or 3 times.

In this way, we can save our money as well as precious time. As asphalt shingles are prone to damage against hail storms, metal roofs uphold much better in them and they are also resistant to fire which makes them environment friendly. Furthermore, they do not absorb the direct heat from the sun, rather they reflect it and as a result, the interior of the house does not heat up excessively, stays cool, and also saves energy costs. Suffices to say that deciding to install a metal roof is a very good option.

Repair and installation of metal roofs

Despite the durability, a metal roof can still suffer damage after severe storms. It can dent and become scratched in case a heavy object falls on it such as a broken branch of a tree. As the roofs have a waterproof finishing, the heavy object can damage them excessively and lead to mold, leakage as well as rot among other things. The damage to a metal roof can’t always be detected from below which is why it is better to hire a professional to inspect it thoroughly. The professionals who have years of experience are adept at handling and inspecting different damages and situations.

Our house insurance can cover the cost of our repair or new installation of a roof which is a big advantage for us. As these roofs last much longer than asphalt shingle roofs, they do not need to be replaced again and again. The average life cycle of aluminum and steel roofs is about fifty to seventy-five years. After this time, it is better to replace the roof because by then it is too old to sustain properly anymore. In addition, copper and zinc roofs have an even larger average life cycle of about a hundred years or more.

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