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Things you Need to Know Before Hiring a Roofing Contractor

Everyone needs a roof over their heads, but the effort that needs to be put in maintaining that roof is quite a lot. Not everyone is a roofer, however, and so when the time comes to fix a roof-related issue, everybody wants to make the best choice.

You see, dealing with roof maintenance is an expensive thing, which is why we tend to find a contractor willing to offer us the best possible service for our money. Unfortunately, that almost always means paying more, because of premium service costs.

Or, you can read the following tips and learn how to shortlist all of your possible candidates until you find the best choice.

In today’s article, we’ll list the most important things a customer should know before they hire a roofing contractor, so sit back and enjoy. Let’s learn together.

Roofing contractor or a general contractor who does roofs

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First of all it’s important to distinguish these two things one from another. If you are looking for the best service money can buy, then we recommend going with a licensed roofing contractor. What’s the difference? It’s like going to a general doctor to ask for advice for something heart-related but avoiding the specialist who knows a lot more about that subject.

We’re by no means bashing or neglecting the importance of general contractors, but those are people that work on multiple different parts of a house but don’t specialize in anything. So, a licensed roofing contractor will probably be the person with the most experience.

But what about those who are not even sure whether this “investment” is worth it or not?

It saves time and money, prevents stress and provides safety

Trust me on this one, I’ve seen people attempt DIY roof repairs and it did not end well. The final outcome was a roof that’s in a bad shape, constant leaks, a lot of stress, and at the end they still hired someone to do it right. If being a roofer was so easy everybody would do it. This profession exists for a reason, and we strongly recommend that you give it enough significance.

Roofing contractors have a lot of experience under their belts, and you should think of the process like this:

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  • To repair the roof on your own, you’ll need to take at least a few days off work.
  • When you take a few days off work, you are basically losing money
  • You have no connections with local suppliers, so you will purchase the materials at high price
  • The final results won’t be nearly as good as they would if you hired a licensed roofer
  • You are risking getting injured because this is a physical job and not for everyone
  • At the end you won’t get any guarantee or money back if the problem persists

You can avoid all of these things, save a lot of money and stress by paying a price that’s relatively fair. It’s rarely ever heard that roofing contractors are expensive or overpriced. Also, for more information on this topic regarding prices, you can always take a look at ADN Roofing, LLC

If you’re choosing a company, make sure it has good reputation

Thanks to the internet, we no longer have to spend our money on something just to find out that the service or the product wasn’t worth it at all. You can read reviews from previous customers and easily learn whether the service for the company you’re eyeing was worth it or not. However, there’s a trick.

Since most companies are in control of the reviews people leave on their website, it’s often a bad idea to stick only to those reviews. What we recommend instead is searching for reviews on places where the company has no control over what’s written. Trustpilot or Google Reviews are good examples.

Some companies (not all though) remove the negative reviews and leave only the five star ones on their website. This usually tricks a lot of customers into thinking they’re making the best possible choice, when in fact they’re not.

Check out the safety and insurance policies before hiring

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A physical job is a physical job, and no matter how professional someone is, even the best can make a mistake. During a physically-demanding task, anyone can get hurt. Before hiring a roofing contractor or making a deal with a company, you need to ask about their insurance and safety policies. What do they guarantee, what happens if things go wrong and there’s an accident, who’s going to cover the damages in case something becomes collateral etc…

All of these things matter a lot more than you think at the moment, because we always tend to believe that everything will go in the smoothest possible way, which unfortunately is not always the case.

Regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and hiring a roofing contractor

Life never really chooses when certain problems happen. Sometimes they happen during the worst possible time, but that’s just how things are. If you are facing a problem with your roof during the covid-19 pandemic, you are probably worried about letting someone in your house during such a dangerous period. Well, we want to assure you that roofing contractors don’t even need access to the insides of your home.

This may be a very rare case in which the contractor will need access to the electrical outlets, but you can help with that if you don’t want anyone to access the insides of your home during the pandemic, so no worries.


When we’re planning to hire a roofing contractor, we want someone who can get the job done and provide astonishing results. However, finding someone like this is not an easy task since nowadays the market is greatly oversaturated with companies claiming to be the best in what they do. Thankfully, you can incorporate the advice from the article above and you should increase your chances of making the right choice.

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