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What’s The Difference Between Rack Pulls And Deadlifts

Bodybuilding is one of the most significant disciplines known to man. It isn’t just a hobby for some, but it is a way of life. Many people consider bodybuilding to be the pinnacle of discipline and rigour, shaping their bodies and their mentalities on the way.

Bodybuilding or body sculpting is tricky to keep up with as it takes a lot of consistency and hard work over a long period. People face a lot of problems, physically and mentally, on their way to achieve body perfection. Bodybuilding is not only to look aesthetic, but it also shapes our life, health and mentality for the better.

Some people do it for fitness, some do it for the aesthetic, and some do it for the lessons. Going to the gym has proven to be a huge stress buster and has helped people cope with loss and depression by funnelling their pent up energy or discomfort as an explosive activity in the gym. A considerable part of this hard work that people have to go through is the knowledge acquired to do what it takes.

Most beginners have no clue how every exercise helps the body in different ways, so they falter and tend to get injuries. According to, beginners have no idea about the differences in the various exercises that people do in the gym.

In this article, we’ll cover two of the essential bodyweight exercises that have proven effective for people to achieve results in the gym. We’ll also state the differences between both. That being said, without further ado, let’s get in.

Deadlifts, The King Of Back Exercises

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Deadlifts are an essential part of bodybuilding for any person that wants their entire body to get stronger. They are considered one of the best exercises for your back, and good reason. They have various pros that come with it, and one of the most prominent ones are the increase in muscle growth and athletic endurance.

One of the most important things to keep in mind while doing a deadlift is making sure that you have the proper form when you are doing it. This is mainly because of the large and heavyweights that are included in the process.

Heavyweights carried by your back in the wrong way can lead to nasty injuries, so one of the essential points to remember is good form. You start by placing your feet shoulder distance. Make sure you have a firm stance to attempt a deadlift, or it could go wrong.

The next thing you should do is to grasp the barbell a little more distance than shoulder distance. The most important thing is making sure you keep a flat back. Bending it in any way will lead to improper form and possibly an injury. Make sure to lift the weights according to your goals.

Differences Between Deadlifts And Rack Pulls

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While coming to the differences between deadlifts and rack pulls, the first thing you need to know is that the deadlift is one of the best ones you can do in the gym, as previously stated before. It is the backbone of any great strength and conditioning training program. This is due to your progressively overloading on this exercise, not only learning the strength gains but because it’s a multi-joint compound movement that works to the largest muscle groups in your body. Let it be your legs or your back. It’s also shown to increase natural testosterone levels.

With that being said, we will now like to move into the pros and cons of this exercise. Starting with the pros, the practice provides many carryover strength—most if not all of your other lifts. Whether you choose to perform the deadlift on your back day or your light day, it’s an obvious choice for those looking to build their raw pulling strength because the bar is lifted from the floor rather than a rack.

More muscles are recruited during the deadlift. Not only do you have to maintain a contracted core, but your forearms, back and legs are all worked once the weight starts getting heavy. Consider the use of a weightlifting belt to help stabilize your spine.

Also, lifting tracks can come in very handy to eliminate your forearm grip strength from failing before your main muscles do. As you perform deadlifts for reps, you can improve your cardiovascular endurance. Most people tend to want to do deadlifts in the lower rep range as a strength-building exercise.

That can also be done in a higher rep range as a very effective muscle building and cardiovascular building exercise. An excellent way to incorporate more elevated rep deadlifts gives you an ideal amount of benefit that you can get from this exercise.

And one of the cons is if you’re prone to having back problems, this exercise could aggravate a pre-existing condition and lead to an injury. For those who don’t take the time to warm up properly and stretch things, performing foam rolling or light stretching can accelerate your chances of experiencing an injury.

Pros And Cons Of The Rack Pulls

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So let’s go over the pros and cons of the rack poles. Starting with the pros, the first Pro is because as the rack pull is lifted from the rack, you’re going to build a little more weight on the bar. We mean you’re able to place more stress on your muscles, helping to stimulate some new growth.

This ability to overload can also help your central nervous system adjust to how the heavier weight feels like—making for easier transitions when moving up and weight with all your other lifts since it only requires about half the range of motion as needed in performing the deadlift.

The rack pole is more focused on targeting and developing your back thickness. This decrease in quad activation and increase in your back involvement can give this exercise an edge over the deadlift if your main goal is bringing up your back with the rack Pole because it’s less taxing on your central nervous system.

This could allow you to recover faster and ultimately lead to a quicker progression up in volume meaning, more sets, reps and frequency, meaning several rack pull sessions per week. This will allow you to hit your back more often with heavy settings, which could help lead to more overall back gains.

Final Verdict

We think the deadlift is honestly a better overall exercise because it’s more muscle groups involved. It’s more of a whole-body workout, but the rack will. However, we feel like it is a better exercise. It helps to bring up your back and build that back.

If you determine that your goals are more in powerlifting, then we think that lifting is a must, and obviously, the only way to get good at that is to deadlift more. Moreover, we believe you need to focus on your form to make sure that’s the most effective way, and if you’re doing it for a competitive powerlifting meet, you want to make sure your forms are in check.

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