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8 Best YouTube Channels To Follow For Fitness & Motivation

In today’s world, there is no stopping; there are no second thoughts about stopping. We are constantly busy with various commitments in our lives. Amidst all this blur of activity, fitness always gets left out.

Even if you wish to concentrate on fitness, you do not have the adequate motivation to pull yourself together and work on your body fitness. However, there is nothing to fret about! With companies like SocialWick working on increasing the growth of YouTube channels, many excellent fitness and motivation channels are able to share their regimes and secrets.

All you need is one spark to push you on the path of maintaining fitness and stay motivated! So check out these great YouTube channels to follow for fitness and motivation!

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  1. Nick’s Strength & Power

With about 1.08 million subscribers, Nick has created a dynamic presence in this world. He is a natural bodybuilder who is highly active on his channel. The world of bodybuilding and fitness is highly competent; following Nick closely will enrich your fitness experiences.

With his excellent content, you will definitely be hooked on the content. These binge-worthy videos and updates will fuel your mind to trudge the fitness path and perhaps also enter the world of bodybuilding.

  1. The Fitness Marshall

There are high chances that you might hate the idea of working out. Perhaps weight lifting sounds cumbersome to you. Do not worry because fitness guru Caleb Marshall has the perfect solution to all your perils.

Dance your way to fitness with Caleb. This revolutionary fitness influencer will help you in taking a break from Zumba. Dance and sway along with the pop songs like  Lizzo’s “Good as Hell.”

With Caleb, you will seamlessly be indulging yourself in heavy cardio workouts. The best part about this channel is Caleb’s dance crew. They are from various ethnicities and are in various shapes and fitness levels.

And if you feel exhausted, Marshall’s sprinkle of humor will help you forget your tiredness easily.

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  1. FitnessBlender

This channel has a whopping 500+ videos full-length workout sessions on the channel and has garnered about 1 billion views since its inception. Many exciting fitness sessions are released every week that will help you stay motivated.

This channel is run by a happily married couple, Daniel and Kelli. With videos on improving your health, body, and hence the quality of your life, this channel has gained insane fame and glory.

FitnessBlender understands that everyone out there is unique and has a different level of difficulty tolerance. And this is how we arrive at the best part. There is a workout session for everyone out there; it is customized to help you work out at your own pace!

They have also got their own website where you can snugly maintain a track record of your progress.

  1. Calisthenicmovement

Sometimes all it takes is a challenge to drive you towards your goal; Calisthenicmovement does precisely this. They organize regular challenges to motivate and fire their audience. The ambiance invigorates you to accept and complete these workout challenges.

They primarily aim at beginners because they are the ones who are most likely to commit mistakes. Their content is highly focused on avoiding pitfalls, injuries, and other errors you might make during your workout sessions.

CalisthenicMovement knows that a minor injury is sufficient to leach out your motivation, and hence they help avoid them! Following this channel ensures you do not end up losing your unadulterated fire to be fit.

These videos are highlight entertaining, so there is no way that you will lose your element of interest! And most importantly, they have got the best alternate exercise if the traditional methods fail.

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  1. POPSUGAR Fitness

On this channel, fitness enthusiast Anna Renderer has got all the tutorial sessions for those aiming to achieve a fit lifestyle. The content of this channel is divided into different levels of intensities. So, it is easy to find your pick of the regime.

Some of you might be jumping along to the prospect of working out with some of the best Hollywood fitness experts, and POPSUGAR Fitness converts this dream into a breathing reality. With fun and accessibility elements, it is not impossible to achieve sculpted abs without going through arduous procedures!

  1. Blogilates

It is impossible to omit Blogilates from the list of the best fitness channels. Join Cassey Ho on her journey and find tips and tricks to a healthy life. Whether you are looking to get those drool-worthy chiseled abs or focusing on shedding fat, Blogilates has got everything covered.

Relish and follow her POP Pilates, PIIT28, and exciting Bootcamp Sculpting workouts that will transform the way you perceive fitness and achieve a toned body.  The exclusive series and workout challenges prevent the content from being monotonous. This means that you will always find something new to keep you going.

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  1. ScottHermanFitness

If you are a fitness enthusiast who regularly exercises in a gym or if you wish to be one of them, Scott’s channel is your go-to channel. His videos are all about improving your training sessions, and every week, new and exciting content gets released on his YouTube channel.

Irrespective of your goals, gender, and body shape, ScottHermanFitness is your ultimate fitness guide. Scott’s content contains a plethora of knowledge about nutrition, training, and supplementation. After all, the fusion of these three is a must in order to achieve perfect fitness.

His videos effortlessly gear you towards shedding off fat, endurance training, and muscle gain. You do not need to hunt down any other channels because ScottHermanFitness has got you covered.

  1. Kali Muscle

Who said ex-convicts do not change and become role models? Kali is an inspirational icon, and being an ex-convict from Compton did not dampen his zeal or self-confidence. If, by any chance, you decide to organize a competition for the biggest arms in the world, then there is no doubt Kali would win it.

Kali has found his life’s purpose through his channel Kali Muscle. The daily dosage of videos is quite sufficient to keep you motivated and going. This male fitness Vlogger also uploads cooking and gaming videos in case you are looking for a small break from his fitness videos.

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With this, we reach the end of this article. All the fitness channels mentioned are entirely suitable that cater to your needs. Whether you are looking for challenges or a non-traditional workout regime, these channels have got it all covered. These YouTube channels are brimming with top-notch content that will provide you with deep insights into the bustling world of fitness wherein you can make out time despite your busy schedules.

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