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How Playing Golf Can Improve Your Health

Among the classiest most popular games worldwide, golf ranks top on the list. With the sole aim of propelling the golf ball from one point of the yard to the hole with the least strokes, golf serves as an ideal exercise for both your physical and mental wellness.

According to health experts, contrary to the typical perception where fitness implies lifting tons of weight and acquiring lumps of muscles, golf ensures fitness through a cardio approach and also exposes one to the least chances of danger. Owing to its fun nature, it is easier to follow through as compared to other fitness strategies at your disposal.

1. Cardio

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While muscles and a board of abs are often associated with fitness, burning excess calories ranks the sole purpose of fitness. Besides the walking related to golf, it is essential to have a stretch exercise and some cardio to ensure optimal form and performance.

As such, golfers get to manage their carbs without subjecting any muscle area to excess pressure. Given that a player may stroll an average of four mules for an 18-hole round of golf, the body manages excess carbs, thus ensuring the overall fitness of a player.

In addition to walking and warming up, carrying one’s clubs and swinging are also associated with increased heart rate and blood flow. As such, this helps manage the risk of getting a stroke and diabetes. However, for cholesterol and blood pressure management, ensure to support your golf practice with the appropriate diet.

2. Brain stimulation

As you engage in cardio exercise, you increase your blood flow to the brain, thus stimulating nerve cell circuits and boosting the brain’s memory circuits. In addition to the practice, you engage the mind in determining the energy unto which to strike the ball with, thus putting it into the hole with the least strikes.

As such, you improve your brain-hand coordination hence keeping your brain active and delaying mental illnesses of the likes of dementia.

3. Better sleep

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Among the components for stress management and optimal mental performance, sleep plays the most critical role. By engaging in exercise, your body gets tired out, thus calling for relaxation and achieving better sleep.

Owing to the quality of sleep acquired, the brain can regenerate worn-out tissues and consolidate the experiences gained during the day hence boosting both the quality of memory and improving overall brain function.

4. Stress reduction

While golfing has a myriad of health benefits, stress reduction ranks top of the benefits ripped from golfing. Being an outdoor arena, you can interact with people on the golf court, thus escaping the usual stressing schedule.  

Owing to the natural landscape of golfing parks, you can relax; thus, the brain releases endorphins hence realizing a relaxed mood.

5. Low-risk of injury

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Unlike other sports, golf is the least physical, thus exposes on to the least chances for the occurrence of injury. However, one should ensure that they are well acquainted with the sport, thus avoiding the mishandling of equipment, which could result in injury. Additionally, it would be best to consider acquiring proper gear hence reducing the stress impacted by walking on foot.

For this, ensure that you engage a professional in the field, thus being assured of your wellness. Owing to the joint-movements associated with golfing, you are able to achieve flexible movements thus maneuvering activities that would have erstwhile been strenuous without falling victim to injury.

6. Reduced risk of high blood pressure

Among the major health benefits of golf, maintaining blood pressure ranks top on the list. Owing to the demand exerted on the muscles by exercise, the heart requires to pump more oxygenated blood, thus covering for the oxygen deficiency on the muscles. This increases the systolic pressure on the heart, thus improving the strength of your heart and exerting lesser pressure on arteries.

As such, the heart can sufficiently tackle the needs of oxygenated blood to various parts of the body hence maintaining optimal blood pressure. However, this calls for a proper diet and quitting of consumption of various drugs, thus realizing optimal blood pressure.

7. Cholesterol management

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Among the significant issues that face seniors and youth alike, spiked cholesterol levels rank among the toppers on the list. In addition to dietary changes, it is essential to engage in exercise, thus keeping your cholesterol in check. 

Since exercise helps increase high-lipoprotein cholesterol, which is considered healthy cholesterol. Additionally, exercise stimulates enzymes that help move LDL (low-lipoprotein cholesterol), which is then moved to the liver for disposal from the body.

Also, exercise plays a role in increasing the protein particles that carry cholesterol through the blood. Unlike intensity-based activities, golfing offers prolonged practice, thus offering the most benefits in the management of hypercholesterolemia.

8. Weight management

Overall, golf plays a critical role in keeping one’s weight in check. Besides contributing to better overall health, control of your body weight helps you go about your daily activities with more ease, thus boosting your overall performance. 


Often viewed as a game for the financially endowed, golf proves among the best methods for shedding off excess calories without exposing yourself to harm. Even more, golfing helps tone the body uniformly as opposed to an approach that focuses on one muscle section.

To ensure overall fitness, however, ensure that you adopt a proper diet, thus complementing the exercise and realizing a uniformly fit body. Also, consider strolling as opposed to using golf carts, therefore, getting ample exercise and shedding more calories within each session

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