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4 Reasons to Get Private Hire Insurance If You Are an Uber Driver

Being a uber driver is one of the interesting professions in the last couple of years. People decide on this move because the job is flexible, and some of them even use it as a side hustle job. On the other hand, if you are a friendly human being, then you won’t have a problem meeting a big number of people and hearing some interesting information from them. 

Anyway, if you want to be sure this is the type of job that meets your expectations, then you need to take some additional steps. One of the things you should do is to get private hire insurance. Many people do not even know what this type of insurance is. If you are one of them, then you definitely deserve an explanation. 

As you probably know, Uber is not the type of private hire taxi company. Because of that, working as an Uber driver does not mean you will get insurance of that type. That is the reason why owning private hire insurance is something you should decide on. 

We do not want to sound negative here, but what would happen if you participate in a car accident? Even if you have a regular insurance policy, that doesn’t mean your costs will be covered in this case. Because of that, you need to find an alternative that will protect you and the passengers from situations that all the drivers would want to avoid. 

Okay, we highlighted only one reason why something like this is a good option. However, we would like to make a clear list of reasons to get private hire insurance if you are an uber driver. We are sure you will change your way of thinking after reading the remaining part of the article. Let’s get started! 

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You Will Boost Your Reputation

How many Uber drivers are there across the country? It is hard to determine the number of drivers precisely, but something you will have to accept is tough competition. There are many drivers out there that will try to impress people in different ways and get good reviews. However, if you want to work on your self-promotion before you even start driving, then the best way to do that is to get private hire insurance. 

If your vehicle is insured, then people will know that they are safe even in cases when something bad happens. Despite that, by making this step, you will show that you take care of the passengers as well as other drivers on the street. When your reputation is good, you can be sure there will always be someone who will hire you. Suddenly, a side hustle job can become the main source of income (and the income will be decent). 

You Will Attract Better Customers

We will continue in the same manner. The type of people that will enter your vehicle will be those individuals that do not hesitate to spend even more if the drive is comfortable. This would mean that you can potentially get a higher tip whenever you reach the desired address. Of course, there will be exceptions, but when your reputation is good, then there is a big chance something like this will turn into reality. 

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Private Hire Insurance Is a Time-Saving Option

Well, we need to say that you will save a lot of your time in case you decide to get this type of insurance. We don’t want to talk about things that could potentially happen while you are driving. Simply, we do not want to sound negative. However, in case those things happen, you will not have to spend time on the claims. This type of insurance will cover all the costs, and you will protect yourself from any type of stress. Doesn’t this seem good?

You Will Become Cheaper

As previously mentioned, people are using different ways to promote themselves among people. Some of them will try to gain good reviews, others would invest a bit more money in their vehicle, etc. However, what about the prices? Can you afford to reduce them? 

Well, in most cases, the answer to this question would be “no”. You are determining the price of your service based on the costs you will have to cover. Fortunately, Private Hire insurance is relatively cheap. Compared to the insurances that public competition uses, the rates are extremely lower. Keep in mind something like that will attract a lot of people. Plus, you may get the chance to get a better tip. 

Anyway, how much does the private hire insurance cost? Don’t expect the quotes are the same in all insurance agencies. Instead of sharing some numbers and prices here, you may want to check out websites such as Quote Radar and compare cheap uber taxi insurance quotes. It is a time-saving alternative because you can complete the entire process with a couple of clicks. We are sure you will get surprised by how cheap they are, especially when you know which benefits you can get. 

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Bonus: How Should a Private Hire Insurance for Uber Look

There is one thing that you must not forget – uber insurance cover and the insurance you use for your personal vehicle are not the same. As previously stated, Uber is not a taxi firm – it is a Transporation Network Company. Because of that, basic insurance will not cover the costs in case the accident occurs. 

Fortunately, this doesn’t mean you do not have the option to choose between different types of insurances. One option you have is third-party private hire insurance. If you decide on this option, the insurance will cover all the damage for third-party vehicles. A more advanced option is “Third-Party, fire and theft insurance”. Well, in this case, you will also cover the costs of the fire and theft damage. 

Finally, the third and most advanced solution is the so-called fully comprehensive insurance. If you want to split from the mass of other drivers, this is the type of insurance you should get. As the name refers, it covers every single cost that could occur during your work. 

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