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Top 8 Bathroom Paint Colors Ideas in 2024

Using bright paint can be daunting, but going for something experimental and unique will pay-off. This is especially a great idea for smaller aspects of your homes like bathrooms. Even if the painting is not on your to-do list at the moment, you will definitely rethink about painting your bathroom after you see our selected colors ahead. Whether you wish to go for a bold, dramatic accent or incorporate a unique pattern, we’ve got you covered on the best bathroom paint color.

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Gorgeous Bathroom Paint Colors to Transform your Space

Whether you wish for vibrant, shades or subtle neutral tones, there’s a gorgeous bathroom paint color to transform your space ahead. Browse these eight standout paint colors to find the suitable shade for you.

1. Blue

There’s a reason blue tops the choice for bathroom paint colors. The color comes in a number of warm and cool shades making it a chameleon-like-sorts. So go ahead and select the best blue you would like for your washroom.

Powder blue- This shade will bring about a nautical feel and instantly add calmness to your space. The color is soft, relaxing, and refreshing. You can use this color not only for your bathroom walls but also for your cabinetry.

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Dusty blue-This is a cool shade of grayish-blue that will liven up any white bathroom wall color without overpowering. With the correct placement of the shades, your bathroom will look far from ordinary.

Stormy blue-The navy blue color can be mixed with a neutral color choice if you don’t wish to paint your entire bathroom with it. Paint your side walls for a statement-making finish.

Cerulean- This tropical shade of blue will instantly give your bathroom a refreshing, vacation vibes. Try pairing with classic whites for a nautical-inspired finish.

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2. Mint Green

If your wish to flood your bathroom with natural light, you may use mint color for a good start. It’s a great choice for cooling any warm or sunny room. Shades of it will make your bathroom wall color feel fresh as it reflects the natural light entering in.

Introduce this fresh bathroom paint color to your walls and banish off dark colors. Mint green is as fresh as it sounds. In fact, bright and vibrant are the fine aspects of this blue-gray-green shade.

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3. Taupe

Begin your day with the right note. This hue provides a clean, polished finish, but also adds a warm touch especially when used with white. The brown-gray combination earlier earned the award for ‘Color of the Year’ owing to its versatility. This earthy shade blends well with natural elements like woven rugs and eco-friendly bamboo blinds, or anything ivory.

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4. Creamy White

If classic white feels too dramatic for you, try a creamier white shade with a warm base. This white version will add warmth to a cooler space. Creamy white looks great when paired with neutrals, softer accented hues like lavender, pink, or green. It’s a fresh bathroom paint color, but certainly doesn’t bore.

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5. Soft Gray

A softer shade of gray is a perfect blending of all-things neutral while adding on some vibrancy. It is a cool combination of granite and smoky, but is still quite calming. If you wish to balance off the cool tones, try pairing it with dark wood aspects for a warmer touch-up. Or if you wish to stick with a classic feel, opt for simple neutral options. You may also consider adding elements like bright shower curtains or bath tub to give your bathroom a vibrant aspect. The best thing about using soft gray paint is that you can pair it with pretty much every color from bright yellow to soft blue.

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6. Lavender

The color lavender is related with royalty. When used for painting a home, it brings in positive effects overall, uplifts energy, brings about a relaxing feel, and encourages imagination. The best thing about this color is that you can customize it to suit your needs. For instance, try an eye-catching shade of lavender for your bathroom walls and see your space transform into nothing short of plush. The fresh bathroom paint color is best suitable for walls, whilst adding as a neutral setting for classic blue and white hues. Consider this one as your bathroom painting rescuer. It can serve multi-purposes, right from adding depth to a classic white bathroom or adding depth to a neutral setting for your dull bathroom.

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7. Charcoal

Add an extra punch to your bathroom walls with an unexpected dash of charcoal. Then sprinkle it with vintage light fixtures, art frames, and bright towels to give your space an eclectic look. You may get apprehensive about choosing this intense hue as it doesn’t exactly read ‘fresh’ but a splash of this graphite shade will change your mind. The charcoal will instantly lend an edge to conventional white tiles.

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8. Periwinkle

Periwinkle is a combo of little blue and purple mixture. It is another great choice for bathroom painting. If you wish for something more grown-up, look for a shade that has a blend of gray for your bathroom. Adding a pop of this decadent color will completely brighten up your rest room. For an easy refresh or upgrade, a periwinkle painted cabinet will do the trick. The unique shade of purplish will easily stand out and blend in for a chic yet delicate vibe.

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Once you decide on the right bathroom paint color and types of equipment for your home, you can take the time to choose the best paint techniques to ensure everything is painted perfectly. Choosing to hire professional painters will ensure that your wall and ceiling paint looks polished and leave the room with zero mess.

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