Choosing Bed Sheets for Spring Time

Choosing Bed Sheets for Spring Time

After the long, cold and dark winter, it’s natural to want to break away and prepare for the freshness of spring. Many people decide to redecorate their homes in order to embrace the changing weather. This also includes choosing new bedding for their bedrooms.

Many of the trendy looks feature neutrals and bright whites. Floral patterns also are another trend in spring bedding. Another popular type of sheets people shop for in spring are hypoallergenic bed sheets or bamboo sheets.

Below are the best-selling types of bed sheets people buy during springtime.

Bed Sheets for Spring Allergies

Spring time is the time flowers blossom and trees start to bloom. It’s all great unless you suffer from allergies.

For that reason, you should consider replacing your bedsheets with more organic ones. In fact there are many sheets that are great at preventing and relieving allergy symptoms. Bamboo sheets are naturally hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant.

You can find a list of the best bamboo sheets along with reviews at

Bamboo viscose sheets are limited in the amount of colors they are available in. You can find them mostly in neutral colors. But if you must have more vibrant colors, you can always get rayon from bamboo sheets instead.

Neutral Colors for Spring Bedding
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Neutral Colors for Spring Bedding

Spring bedding styles feature a variety of neutrals. What a great way to get the most out of your new bedding by selecting a neutral. This can help you get the most out of the bedding as its simple overtime to add accessories, rather than totally revamping the look of your room.

With these neutral bedding trends, decorative accent pillows are used to accessorize the look. These decorative pillows can bring punches of color into your neutral look. This also makes it easy to change up your accent color given the inexpensive nature of decorative bed pillows.

The clean look of white is also found in this spring’s bedding trends. Some may want to shy from white, worrying about the possibility of it showing dirt. Actually, designers are favoring white for its ease of cleaning in comparison to some other colors.

If you are wanting a bright, refreshing look, check out white bedding sets. This is also a neutral that can take you well into summer.

Popular Patterns for Spring Bed Sheets
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Popular Patterns for Spring Bed Sheets

The hot pattern in spring bedding is florals. Floral bedding allows you to bring the natural look of the outdoors into your bedroom. What a great way to reflect the blooming season of spring!

This pattern can come in a wide range of styles. Some florals might be smaller and perhaps more feminine; similar to the chic upmarket style. These could include soft pastel colors or perhaps bolder colors like red.

Other florals feature bold colors with a look reminiscent of art deco designs. Other florals are a bit more understated with perhaps softer colors or neutrals. Whatever your choice, you can’t go wrong with floral bedding to update your bedroom’s look.

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