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Where Can I Sell my Diamond Ring for Most Money?

There are many reasons why you might want to sell your diamond ring. You may sell it after divorce, use it to get some cash you need or you are simply not wearing it anymore. No matter the reason, you should focus on selling it for the best price as well as to a reputable buyer.

There is no need for holding on to useless tokens of a certain relationship that has ended a long time ago. Maybe it is a good idea to sell your bridal jewelry and use the money you get for good. Some like to save these items for some future generations and pass them on to their children. These rings are quite sentimental pieces to the majority of people and that is why you need to do research and find the best way to sell this valuable item.

Some people say that certain objects have power or even absorb and retain energy from a person. It is sure that they remind us of some important, beautiful moments and memories. There is no need to keep things that stop you from moving on to the next chapter of your life.

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The first thing you should do is sit and do lots of research online. Educate yourself about diamonds and how much they cost. Make sure your diamond ring is real. There are many ways you can check this information, and laboratory test is usually the best one.

One way is to simply put your diamond in a glass of water. The real one will sink while the fake one will float. You can also blow a warm breath on it and the fog should dissipate very quickly. By using a magnifying glass you should be able to see some small flaws and imperfections that are common on real diamonds. The fake ones are usually perfected. The last thing you can do is try a special heat test. Hold the diamond above the flame for about 45 seconds and put it in icy water afterward. The real one will not change its’ shape.

How to sell diamond rings online?

The process of selling your special diamond ring is quite simple. You always need to find a reputable buyer and get a price quote. After you sholud be sent an insured overnight shipping label. That is how you know to sell it. The last thing to do is to define a final price and get your cash.

Is selling them online safe?

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If you find a trustworthy buyer this process should be very fast, safe and secure. The great thing about online selling is that it can be purchased from international buyers that have access to global diamond ring prices. Price ranges should always be honest and transparent. This task can be very professional and enjoyable.

How to get the best price for your diamond ring?

Here are a few things that might help you:

  1. You must always know what you own. Check any of the paperwork you might have about them. You might have a special diamond certificate or the diamond grading report.
  2. Pick only trustworthy diamond buyers. Only sell to those who do not lowball after you send the item. These good buyers have a strong reputation and will not offer lower prices after you decide to sell it to them.
  3. Work with diamond ring experts. Try contacting someone who has great knowledge in gemology and is able to to offer a high cash price. It is very important to do this step in case you are selling colored diamonds. Some specific colours of these gems require a specialist.

Things that determine the value of your diamond ring:

  1. Carat Weight- the stones are usually measured in You need to calculate the weight of your precious stone.
  2. Color Grade- there is a special color grade from D at the top to Z at the very end.
  3. Clarity Grade- important only for round diamonds.

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