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Where to Sell Jewelry Online?

Jewelry was always one of the most sought-after products. Surely this is one of the priciest and prettiest
products you can use for your business. It doesn’t matter if you are a jeweler or a person who makes its
own jewelry, we are pretty sure that you are going to find a good market for it. Honestly, the internet is
the best market in the world. You can choose from a wide array of websites to post your products on. Or
better yet, you can make your own website.

To be more precise, you can make your own eCommerce web page. You can rest assured that the
barrier for succeeding in this business is lower than it has ever been in history. So, you can do it pretty
easy. In order to help you with making your own business, we are going to provide you with some of the
best websites you can sell your jewelry on. Without further ado, let us begin.


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We are going to start our list with a Seattle-based business, Bonanza. They are pretty interesting
because they have an allegedly haunted piece of jewelry that is worth $85k. Plus, they have a lot of no-
haunted jewelry. Now seriously, this is one of the most prominent websites you can sell your jewelry on.
They don’t require either listing fees and monthly fees.
Even better, if you already have a store like Etsy or eBay, you can import all of your goods into this one.
However, it has some downsides. The traffic is not great and the number of sellers and buyers is not
ideal. Plus, you have to pay extra money to have your listings appear on Google shopping pages. Their
math can be confused for their users some times. Nonetheless, this is a really great website, which can
be a good choice if you are new in this business.


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You probably didn’t even think about selling your merchandise on eBay. Most of the people are
considering eBay to be a website where you can buy and sell only junk. This is not entirely true. The best
thing about this website is that you can list up to 50 products without paying a listing fee. After you
crossed this number, you are going to pay per upload. The price per product is really small.
Also, this is a very popular website. It has about 160 million users. You are bound to find some
customers among them. The main problem with eBay is auctioning, which can be really stressful
sometimes. In order to avoid stress, you can put the price you are not prepared to go below it. We feel
like it is important to point out that you are able to make your own store on the website, which is pretty


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We are going to finish this list of ours with Etsy. This website is considered to be one of the best for
selling jewelry and handmade goods. According to Etsy’s staff, they have around thirty million customers
from all over the world. This is a pretty big bite for someone who just started working in this business. In
our opinion, this is definitely the best website you can use for selling your merchandise.
The best thing about this website is that they don’t require any additional payment after you pay their
listing fee, your products are free to remain on the website until you sell them. It’s simple as that. The

only downside of this website is that you are going to have massive competition. They have almost 2
million sellers.

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