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What You Should Do After a Car Accident If You Aren’t At Fault

People want to be safe while driving. However, as much as they are trying to drive carefully to evade any possible crashes, other people may not be as careful. This is when accidents can occur.

Of course, most of these are unexpected, which results in trauma for both parties. In this situation, it can be tough to focus on who was at fault and how the problem can be fixed. Yet if you aren’t at fault you need to prove it to save yourself from the legal consequences.

Do you feel lost regarding this matter? Don’t worry as here we’ll discuss the things you should do after a car accident when you aren’t to blame. It’s better to be safe than sorry, so let’s get started!

Remain at the Scene

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Don’t flee the scene where the accident happened. Not only is this illegal in most states but it gives away the wrong notion that it’s your fault. Instead, try to remain as calm as possible and take notes of everything that happened. It’s advisable to keep a notebook and a pen in your car so that you can write the details down quickly. Nothing can replace the reliability of the written word.

Call the Police

It can only do you good to report the accident to the police. Once the officers come to the scene they will ask you questions and the details you provide will only boost your credibility in their eyes. This is especially handy if you are innocent. Moreover, the report of the police will be included in the record, helping to make your insurance claim procedure faster. Another thing is that the law requires a report of the accident written by the police, so this way you’ll abide by it, too.

Talk to Witnesses

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Never lose sight of the witnesses. These people can assist you in getting justice. They will explain what they saw and confirm your innocence. That’s why you should try to obtain their contact information for maintaining a connection with them in the future.

Take Photographs

Especially if the police don’t show up, it’s helpful to take pictures and even record a video of the scene. Physical proof can do you only good if the situation ends up in court. It can include the vehicles, the weather, the injuries, the whole accident scene, license plates, and everything else that looks important to you.

Hire an Accident Attorney

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According to, it can be very complicated to prove that the car accident didn’t happen because of you. Therefore, it’s nice to have an accident attorney by your side. They will represent your interest in court, making sure you get what you deserve and walk out free from the situation.

Final Words

Now please share your opinions and experiences on this matter! We would love to hear from you.

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